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Good machine shop local to KC, MO to build shortblock

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Looking for a local machine shop to KC, MO to build my shortblock for me. Thanks.
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Did you ever find one? i am still looking as well!
Nope. I figured I'll just send it off to Chris or something. I just hate to deal with shipping when there's surely a good, reliable local shop.
Maybe you can be the guinea pig then. Lol. I sent mine off to Ray because I already had a bad local experience on an o-ringed built shortblock. That shop is out of business now. Most V8 machine shops don't have to deal with as tight of tolerances as our cars require so that's where it comes into play sometimes.
There's a good shop here in centerville, Iowa, right on the Missouri border. He did my forged shortblock. He isn't quick though.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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