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Good idea to buy a VR4 with 100,000k miles

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do you guys think that it would be a good idea to buy a 1996 black VR4 with 105,000 miles on it ... i can get it for prolly 15,000 or under, this is if a mechanic checks it out and it all is OK? Do vr4s start haveing maintence problems around this mileage... i need some info on wether or not i should buy this car .. this is all according that a mechanic checks it out.....
thanks for your help .. later!
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Wow, that's pretty high milege. I think you could probably find a 95 with lower miles for maybe only a couple thousand more.
My suggestion would be to spend the extra $3,000 or so and get one with 50-60k on it. That's assuming you plan of keeping the car for a while. 100k can be OK if you plan on keeping it for a long period of time. Budget in- 60k service @ 120, new struts all around, rotors, brakes, wires, O2 sensors, etc.

I'll try to give you some input on this since I was in the same situation earlier this year, but it's late & I may ramble a little ;)

I bought my 94 VR-4 with a little over 126K on it in April. The previous owner had bought it new in Dec. 93, and had kept it garaged. The car was in excellent condition and appeared to be well-maintained, so I bought it feeling pretty sure that it wasn't going to be a big headache.

It is showing some signs of aging, but nothing too bad. Mechanically it has some 2nd gear synchro problems (hard to get in 2nd, some grinding while down-shifting) and does smoke some after idling for a few minutes. Other than that, I've had no major problems out of it. Other than routine stuff (oil, filters, plugs), I've had to replace the IAC motor (fairly common failure, easy to replace), the thermostat, and front rotors. The thermostat should be part of the 120K service and shouldn't have been an issue, but I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

As far as maintenance issues - There is the above-mentioned scheduled maintenance at 120K, the details of which are available on numerous websites - but that's about it. Just remember that all cars are going to break down at one point or another, and the VR-4 is no different - but there is no 'magic number' that you hit and suddenly the car starts falling apart :cool:.

It used to be that a car with 100K on it was about ready for the junkyard, and I still sometimes catch myself wondering why I bought a car with so many miles on it. However, these cars are designed and built to last a long time if properly cared for. There are quite a few people on the board with a lot more miles on their cars than I have, and most have had very little problems out of them.

As long as you are satisfied with the way the previous owner took care of the car and trust the mechanic who will be doing the inspection, you should be OK.

Hope this helps...
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I would advise against it. There are cars out there for the same money with less miles, you just have to hunt hard and keep looking.

I would hold out because if you have any problems (and that is highly likly given the miles on the car) you are going to end up pouring extra money into it and still have a car with 100k on it.

Don't be in a rush to own. Take your time and keep looking until you find the right car. I ended up looking at thousands of 91 - 93 Stealth RTTT's on line and in person until I found my 93. It had 13k on it and although it was not cheap, I have been very happy and it has consistently taken "best of show" honors. This all happened because I followed some simple advise:

"Buy right the first time so you don't have to buy it again."

Keep looking, the chase is half the fun!

Dr. Jerry Scolamiero 1993 Firestorm Red Stealth RTTT
I think our cars start having maintenance problems at umm... ok miles! :eek: (j/k) I do think, however, that it is all in how the previous owner took care of it. If they serviced it right and stuff like that, then you should be okay even if the car has 600k.
$10000 would be a good price for that car. Maybe 12000 tops. I bought my 92 in 96 for $10000. It had 122k miles on it. Now it has 173k miles but I have gone through 1 engine and 2 trannys.
I'd say it's probably not worth it, unless it can be proven that they are all highway miles, and they have receipts for oil changes every 3k miles, and the 60k service proof.

At about 100k miles, there went my engine, then tranny, then turbos, then clutch, etc :eek:

Of course, I didn't know any better -- the guy I bought it from told me (!!) he only changed the oil every 6k miles, and sometimes it went 10k between them !! I figured that I had done that sometimes with my Honda ;) so surely the Stealth could take it. Over 10k dollars later, let's just say I make sure every thing is changed when it needs to be, and if there is any little problem even, it is fixed before it can be a major one !!!
Well, I bought a '91 TT with 160k and was into an engine rebuild less than a year later, but I blame myself for that. It's been a GREAT car. It came w/ a turbo timer and I forgot to take the keys out one night when I came home. It was idling for over SEVEN HOURS :eek: (don't laugh, this is MUCH easier than it seems with a turbo timer - I'm used to walking away from the car while it is still running)! The idle oil pressure caused it to spin a rod bearing weeks later. GREAT car though. THAT won't happen again!

-Chris Wood

P.S. I'm still not done rebuilding :D
I doubt you will get a second gen in excellent condition for much less then that even with 100k miles. I have 100k on my car (1995) and wouldn't sell it for under 15k. There are Grand Nationals out there with 100k that people still want almost $10k for and they made more of those in 1986 and 1987 then almost all the VR-4s ever made (and cost less then $15k new). We have much more stuff then those cars and handling is night and day. I think since the cars aren't made anymore, you soon will find none for less then $10k unless they are abused and the newer cars will be even more $$. Again, look at the condition and maintenance, not the mileage. A well maintained (not abused) TT will easily give over 200,000 miles out of the engine. Trannies can go at any time, so thats not a big deal (actually, a higher mileage car with good synchros means it was replaced!). Secondly, don't buy a car wondering what you will get when you resell it. I hope I keep the VR-4 forever cause I doubt I will ever be able to afford a car of its caliber in the future.

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personally, i think it would be in your better interest to buy an older car with fewer miles. if you really want a car in the 96 range wait and save a couple more g's to cut the miles down a bit.
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