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GOOD experience with 99VR4: read if interested.

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I thought I would post a somewhat good experience with 99VR4, since pretty much everything else you all were saying made him look like a total fuckstick.

About a month back or so, me and him made a deal for me to buy his S-AFC. I sent him $125, then two weeks later another $150, which at that time he would send me the S-AFC in return. Well, after the second payment I sent him, I got an email saying that his son had sold the S-AFC without asking. So, no S-AFC for me. Keep in mind, I was reading all the negative feedback you all were saying, so I was getting somewhat worried, but I stayed patient and calm.

He offered several options. One, buy me a new one and send it to me and eat the cost in the difference between what I paid him and what he bought it for. Two, PayPal me my money back. Or Three, send me a money order. At first I just told him to go ahead and find me a new one, but then I asked him if he'd send me a $300 money order instead and I'd worry about getting one.

So that's what he did. I received my $300 money order from him today.

All I can say is that I'm glad I was patient and didn't say anything that would make my situation worse. So thanks Jeremy, sorry it didn't work out, but I figured I'd say something good about you when everyone else is bashing you.
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Yeah, I had a good experience w/him too. I got nervous after reading all of the crap as well, esp. after my package showed as delivered to some address in NM. But I received it a few days later and all is well. Just be patient.
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