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Hey, where ae you??? I cant get any email thru to you, and you havent replyed, i need those grilles and the underglow kit!

If anyone else is having a problem with GLOWMAN2001, please let me know, or post here.
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I didn't buy anything from him but when he first started posting I noticed he was posting under TWO aliases, I "called him out" on it and he basically told me to mind my own business. I've had a bad feeling about him since then.
Oh man, i hope it doesnt come to anything bad, but im getting kind of weary, first he kept putting it of, and now he just kind of disappears.
Well, don't get discouraged quite yet... he may just be on vacation or something.

BTW his other ID was "jaguar", here's the post I was talking about...
I've bought from Glowman

I sent payment & he eventually sent the grills. I had to remind him over and over to send, or to at least let me know he got the payment & would send. I'd advise reminding him - he seemed really busy/preoccupied. Good luck; let me know if I can help you with info.
Im getting kind or worried, hes not anwsering, and i keep etting his email back saying user does not exist.
Well if jamb53 bought from him if he still has the package with return address you can use that to trace him down.
i dont want it to come to that, all i want is my underglow kit, and my grills, if he doesnt have them, then i want my money back, but im not looking for trouble, just satisfaction.

Do what you can to contact him -- I don't know whether you mailed your payment or sent it electronically. I still have the contact information I used and will share it if you need it. PM me if you need it in case I don't check this thread again.

We'll straighten it out - hopefully the easy way :)
I need your email, its easier that way.
JeremyG said:
Well, don't get discouraged quite yet... he may just be on vacation or something.

BTW his other ID was "jaguar", here's the post I was talking about...
wahoo... good detective work, Jeremy! :D
Well thanks for the tip, but it didnt help me one bit, hes still AWOL with my money.
More help if you need it

Here's some info:

Glowman2001's last post was in response to my queries for his grills. That was Sept 25th according to the 3SI search engine. He may not have access to the net right now.

[email protected] is one address he's posted in the past. I'm sure AOL can help you find who the owner of that screenname is, if it wasn't stolen. If it was stolen, then maybe you can help AOL find the person who stole it.

JAG appears to be a business associate of his. JAG's website lists a home phone. You can reverse lookup that phone number for an address at The address shows probable relatives & home address (guessing based on lastnames/city of residence).

Neighbors are indexed there too.

WickedDrew's in FL. Maybe he can call over and politely ask what the hold up is, without it being charged as long distance. Just a thought.
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