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Glowman You Have To Respond! (all 3si Members Please Help!)

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Hey man, i tired emailing you, your email doesnt exist anymore, i sent you $190 over 2 months ago so either i get my kit and grills, by November 7th or I will take legal action, im sorry it had to come to this, but you seemed to disappear after giving me excuse after excuse. If anyone has ANY information on how to contact him or would like to make a trip to his house to collect the dues, please email or PM me. Thanks for any help.

[email protected]
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What the hell. Why do people screw people over for sums of money like that just to dissapear. 190 dollars is pathetic to snatch and run away with. But don't get me wrong, for 190 dollars you SHOULD throw a fit. Find him and give him an ultimatum.
BTW repost this in the General Forum. You'll get more responses.
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