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I don't have the time or drive to fix my TT anymore so I've decided to get rid of the car and all the supporting parts for it. I want to sell everything in one lot for one price. I don't want to sell thing individually or ship anything so it's pickup only.
Cash for everything if it can be picked up before 11/27. After that I'm gone for a few weeks and the price goes up when I'm back.
My loss is your gain, show up with a trailer and take everything.
I'll even throw in a non-drivable 1991 RT/TT for parts if you want it. If not it'll get scrapped.
Located in Danbury, CT.

Carbon fiber driveshaft, 6 speed (PST I think)
Billet DR650 turbos with Forge wastegates less than 500 miles on them
Front & rear swaybars (3SX?)
Lightweight flywheel and Southbend Stage 2 clutch
Jester flashable ECU
LAT 42 1st Gen 3000GT headlight conversion kit
Blackstealth LCD boost control
Y pipe with LS1 3.5" MAF, HKS SSQV3, pre-turbo pipes with AEM dry flow filters
Snow performance meth kit with 4 gallons boost juice
Fuel pump hotwire kit
AEM twin fire
AEM wideband with single gauge pillar housing
3" testpipe
Maximal solid engine mounts
550 injectors
1st Gen 3000GT clear corner lights NIB
MSD DIS 4 Plus ignition amplifier
Crank vents
Maximal front mount oil cooler kit
eBay precats and downpipe
Borla style exhaust
3SX pressure tester
High flow cat

Engine, transmission, & transfer case out of a 1993 VR4 with about 187K
Spare rebuilt transfer case
Climate control display and computer
1993 VR4 ECU MD190663
Center gauges with clock (oil temp, boost, oil pressure, clock)
Stock 1991 RT/TT wheels
Various other things in the pictures like starter,rear strut mounts, new ball joints...

20201118_170120.jpg 20201118_170130.jpg 20201118_170147.jpg 20201118_170155.jpg 20201118_170215.jpg 20201118_170229.jpg 20201118_170244.jpg 20201118_183536.jpg 20201118_191751.jpg 20201118_191852.jpg

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