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Many of you already know about GEM Auto in Warwick, RI, but I just wanted to let you know about this shop if you haven't heard about it. I drove down from Boston today to have my 60k service, and I'd just like to say that I felt priveledged to have those gentlemen work on my car. The fact that their prices are MUCH better than anywhere else is totally beside the point. The guys at GEM are specialists in Mitsubishi cars, particularly 3000's and DSM's, and their knowledge of our cars is truly impressive. They also exhibit an excellent attention to detail, which was obvious in watching them work.

Glynn Meade (the owner), incidentally, was trained as a Mitsubishi technician. He was trained and certified on the Spyder roofs, and also offers the ability to rebuild Getrags (with Kormex parts), and has experience with doing so. He is, BTW, one of the few technicians in New England actually certified by Mitsubishi on the Twin Turbo cars.

The service provided by GEM is worth paying EXTRA for... the fact that it costs less is only an added bonus.

Thank you to Eric Lotter for the referral to GEM, and thanks to Glynn and Harry for the great day.

GEM Auto Care
33 Locust Ave.
Warwick, RI
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