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i know kormex still has them:

kormex trans parts

them method works great, but 2 things may help some people.

1. You can just tie a ratchet strap around the shifter bracket and avoid removing it at all.
2. I always take 2 4 inch bolts with the same thread as the bellhousing bolts. Then you cut the heads off of them. Then hacksaw a small slit across them (for a flat blade screwdriver in case they get stuck). You then thread them into the engine and use them as guides. That way the weight of the trans is on the longer bolts and you are for sure not going to put any weight on the clutch splines while trying to mount it.
This should just be a sticky as a hole. Lots of clutches are destroyed by letting the input spline hang on the clutch splines....(almost all C/C clutches are ruined b/c of this).
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