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Gatecrasher transmission install method with Pictures

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I decided to make a picture write up of Gatecrashers method because of many confused people not understanding the easy of this method or even where to bolt on the chain. I hope this well be used 85% more often in hoisting the transmission back up into the motor bay.

Items Needed:
12mm wrench/socket

Before viewing pictures. I am forwarning you they were amateur taken. The photo taker(s) didn't know how to use zoom on my camera, my wife would have been upset if I touched it with my dirty hands. I apologize inadvance for the blurry and far vew

Step One:
Locate the 2 shift link bolts center top of the transmission bell housing View Attach Thumbnail 1.

Step Two:
Bolt the chain to both bolts. Yes don't worry those bolts can hold your transmission. But use your own method if you don't think the bolts are graded high enough. Leave 5-6 inches between chain to loop it over the hook on hoist. View Attach Thumbnail 2 and 3

Step Three:
Slid, drag whatever you choose just find a way to place transmission back underneath engine bay. Roll hoist up to bumper(I used a pad to protect my bumper from getting scratched up by hoist). loop chain up over the hook on your hoist. If you don't have a hook on your hoist find a way to attach chain to hoist.

Step Four:
Start cranking hoist up, watch that the transmission don't get caught up under your frame! The placement of chain is the center weight distribution point so the transmission lines up 95-99.9% in place!! You may have to wiggle push to align splines but thats it! View Attach Thumbnail 4 and 5

Step Five:
Your done!
Make sure to bolt up transmission before taking hoist and chain off!

This method took us all but 10 minutes to do. :clap:

I'd Like to thank (in alpha order) Dave(davebearclaw), Jimmy#2(3kdreamn) and Ray(viper3k) for there help. Will we ever hang out with out working on our cars?

In closing I'd like to thank Jeff for figuring this weight distrubution lifting spot out!

In closing thanks to Jeff and his amazing find on the center weight distribution and how it lifts it at the right angle to align right up in seconds.



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2. I always take 2 4 inch bolts with the same thread as the bellhousing bolts. Then you cut the heads off of them. Then hacksaw a small slit across them (for a flat blade screwdriver in case they get stuck). You then thread them into the engine and use them as guides. That way the weight of the trans is on the longer bolts and you are for sure not going to put any weight on the clutch splines while trying to mount it.
That's a good idea right there....
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