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Okay I dont care to search through all the threads on this... the short and simple of it is my 92 vr4 gets shitty gas mileage... my "check engine" light comes on periodically so im guessing my 02 sensors are goin out (my engine is a rebuilt with almost 20k on it. so that should be good?)...

WHAT can I do to get better gas mileage? what to replace? do the 02's regulate gas consumption? plugs and wires? i have an hks exhaust, but that shouldn't be killing my gas, same with my intake... and im running stock boost. cruising @ 65 on the freeways in cruise control, no lead foot @ lights, i usually keep it under 3500 Rpms just because my car needs body work so im staying undeer raps I guess... but thats how I drive right now, and i just got 200 miles on a 2/3 tank...

any advice?
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