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Do you have any mods?

I was getting the check engine light along with horrible gas mileage. My o2's were constantly sticking in the rich area even when under light throttle. I pulled the code with the pocketlogger and it was error code #11 - Rear o2 sensor. I thought that my o2 sensors were bad, so I had em both replaced, but had the same problems.

My mechanic had set the VPC / GCC for me and I thought it seemed awefully rich. I turned down the boost to stock levels, then leaned out my VPC / GCC while logging and the o2's started to cycle under light throttle. Looking back I think that the check engine light I was getting was saying that the o2's were out of range... not that they were bad.

Now that my air fuel ratio is in spec I have much better throttle response and gas mileage. When just driving normally I usually shift around 3k rpms.
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