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Gas Door question!!??!

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Somehow the spring in my gas door fell off... first of all is it called a gas door.. it is the thing that opens once you pull the lever inside the car.. but it dosen't pop open because there is no spring there.. where can i get a new spring? and how much do u guys think it will cost me? 5 bucks?!
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Same thing happened to me man. I am too damn lazy to go get a replacement part. I think they are like $4 or something. I e-mailed someone on the board about buying theirs from a wreck stealth, but he hasn't replied yet....oh well. I just jam a AA battery in the release level and walk around the car and pull the "gas door" open. Works for me :D
Mine froze shut when i was running out of gas ...and it was snowing out. That sorta sucked, cuz I couldn't exaxtly pry it open.

hahaha i just stick a sock in there... and go to the door... and open it up.. do u guys think i can get it from autozone?
You can go it the cargo area of your car, take off the access panel behind the right back up light. Find a black cable that runs in the direction of the door. Pull hard, but don't yank! That works for me and its free
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