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FUGLY GTR Concept....

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That's all I have to say about that.. :(
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I think it's pretty sweet. The front is a little much, but I like the styling. Very progressive.

Elicits a Ferrari rear end...
Okay, yeah, the back end looks nice. But the front looks like a smoothed down Cadillac Evoq. Not good.
looks like everything is going to look like 300z
The front sucks...The top view though kind of reminds me of the old mustangs, like Mach1's and stuff
that thing is friggin ugly

ONLY THING people want around here is the R34 ... why the hell do they have to spend all this money in research and development??

Who is the MARKETING GENIUS at Nissan?! if they had ANY sense... all they would have to realize is just to sell what they CURRENTLY have in Japan.. and they would kill all the new 2003 model POS cars that are getting released.

okay.. that's my .02 :)
I like it. Front end is a bit broad, but it's nice.. I'd buy it.. assuming I didn't have my stealth and had the moeny to buy it outright. heehehehehe.
Its Only a Concept!

Hey guys, calm down!, No need to bash the car, its only a concept!
I like the rear, it looks sleek, muscular, and reminds me of the Corvette Stingray! I think they should change the front, drop the dinky headlights, and make sleeker version of the R34's headlights to fit with the body, other than that, the car looks awsome!

But on a more interesting note:

That driver seat looks REALLY comfortable!(if you get my drift);):D:D:D
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Face it Sam, it looks like SHIT.
RacerRT said:
Face it Sam, it looks like SHIT.
LOL, but its only a concept dude! The car is waaayyy too plain looking to be an actually production vehichle! I'd like to see some more "closer to production" pictures, ever seen the Corvette C5 concept? or the Viper RT/10 concept? They look totally different!

Just to show you my point, here is the Stealth and 3000GT concept car! (I told you I work for Mitsubishi!:D)

<img src="">

Also, my point was that it was a concept that was LEFT HAND DRIVE!!!! That should hint that we might be getting somthing in the future!:D


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That GTR isn't plain looking.

LOL that concept for 3000gt is ugly. Looks like a 240 blended in with it.
The HSX looked like a better concept.

Darktrail said:
That GTR isn't plain looking.

LOL that concept for 3000gt is ugly. Looks like a 240 blended in with it.
The HSX looked like a better concept.

Its too plain!:D:

And the HSX was a closer to production design for the 3000GT, the pics i posted of the 3000GT and Stealths were "Concepts" too.:D

Speech text for Carlos Ghosn on "Tokyo Motor Show Press Briefing,
Oct. 24, 2001"

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

These are three letters known globally: G...T...R.

Since its original introduction in 1969, the GT-R has been uniquely Japanese
- yet has grown truly international in reputation and desire.

Through the words of the motoring press, enthusiasts worldwide have slipped
vicariously into the driver's seat of the GT-R.

Millions of others, many too young to drive, have experienced the thrill of
the GT-R through popular video games and realistically reproduced minicars.

Now is the time to stop imagining... to shift into the future and everything
you've grown to know about GT-R.

The GT-R has always been a car that crosses rational boundaries. Today, with
left-hand drive, GT-R is prepared to cross national boundaries as well. It
is poised to finally become a legitimate contender in the global arena of
"ultimate road vehicles." With this car we are shifting the future and
shifting the definition of driving pleasure.

I'm sure you have many questions regarding the GT-R. Please bear with us for
a while until the time is right to share all the details with you.

The new GT-R is still under development. Yet I want to assure you that 1.)
The GT-R will powerfully live on, 2.) We are looking at markets outside of
Japan and 3.) GT-R will remain Nissan's ultimate expression of our driving
pleasure promise.

Today you will see many other Nissan expressions of driving pleasure.

In the fall of 1969, Nissan introduced a two-seat sports car that
revolutionized the automotive world at the time. It had European styling,
American muscle, Japanese quality and global desirability.

Much has changed in the three decades since the original Z appeared. But
based on the reaction to the Z Concepts we showcased in Detroit in 2001, the
last letter in sports cars is still "Z."

This new Z, which goes on sale next summer in Japan as the Fairlady Z and in
North America as the 350Z, blends the traditions of Nissan's famed sports
car heritage with advanced technology and innovative design.

It adopts our new generation FM Platform with all the best ingredients - a
powerful 3.5-liter V6, new 6-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive.
And perhaps the only thing more attractive than its elegant styling and
beautiful interior is its price - under $30,000 U.S.
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how many horse power will it be pushing? I think it looks awesome..wish I could afford a "new" car :) hehe ahh well...the troubles of being 18. Anyhow it looks phat..the front could be a little sleeker instead of that huge block but its still pimp.
That looks fu**ing sweet!!

It looks f***ing sweet to my eyes... almost everything...well, they can change the rear end a little..

I think the front looks just fine..

well, maybe this is a Japanese thing....
My reaction, going from the back of the car to the front: "Nice, nice, wow, cool, sleek, WTF?!?"

Why must the GTR look like a brick ? the back is ok but the front is nasty. Doesnt Nissan have a wind tunnel? Can they borrow 1 ?
LOL....ya..the front is kinda sad
At first, I thought I was going to thorw up when I saw the car. After a bit, though, the back looks okay. The front, though... they gotta do something about that!
A slight problem

There are no door handles :D I don't think that idea is gonna make it into production... or maybe I'm just blind and there ARE door handles...

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