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Fuel pressure regulator ?

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can I use an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator to control my 360cc injectors I want to put in....I'm thinking you can by lowering the fuel pressure but I'm not sure that it will work...?. stock is 220cc replaced by 360cc.
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No, you would never have the proper rate. You need a fine tuning tool like the S-AFC.
Roger is correct. Leave the FPR alone as the NA FPR is set only 4-5 psi more than the turbo one. No real change in fuel delivery - as long as you don't have to worry about forced induction. Did you get the turbo resistor to go with the turbo low-resistance injectors? The NA use high-resistance injectors.
I was unaware of the resistor difference at the time. NA people have used them already with no side affects...what specific problems will I encounter if I put these in ?
no use in putting in 360 injectors. all that you'll do is use more fuel. i was planning on it and then i dyno-tuned my s-afc sat night; turns out from ~3500rpms to ~7000rpms you lean out to get more power. when i went in i was at ~+10% fuel and proceeded to blow gas out my tailpipes, both sides. IF you still want to persist in swapping 'em tho, i've got a set of 360cc injectors that i'll trade for some 220cc; thank goodness i still have my stock 220cc, i'm looking for another set to go ahead and send to rc for 'em to bore 'em prior to my supercharger install, wallah, no resistance difference. well hope this helps, safe travels.

- mike

p.s. it just occured to me you are juiced; that makes a difference, perhaps you do want bigger injectors but get an s-afc and dyno tune it in (w/ nos) before you do the injectors, just my 2c tho.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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