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Not here to throw stones, but give thanks to the member that helped me out in bind.

Short version -
I posted a parts wanted thread looking for a TT fuel hat. not many replies, but i received a PM from drmechano stating he had one to sell to me. With information exchanged and basic instructions (please pack it nice and get me a tracking number), I immediately sent payment.

few days later I ask for said tracking number and he cannot produce. telling me he has been busy building a racecar for pikes peak hill climb...yadda yadda no worries.

few more days, I ask again. this time his girlfriend forgot to ship it.

few more days, no reply to question about the tracking number.

about 2 weeks since i sent payment, i get an email that i got a refund. so i immediately inquire and get a response about a loss in their family. refund was for the delay/hassle and the part was on its way. yet a tracking number could not be produced.

I gave the benefit of the doubt and waited a few days... no response from the seller despite the 3 week hold up.

not for nothing, but i had to borrow cars and hitch rides that whole time. very inconvenient.

Luckily another member, Raverthug, had contacted me with another fuel hat for sale. that transaction was clear, concise, and quick.

hope my experience helps others.
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