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FSMs & A Pretty Detailed Parts Catalog In PDF VIA 3000GT/DODGE Stealh history project

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So, I noticed a lot of the members who have joined between the time I did and recently do not have the PDFs etc.
And to be honest, as a parts seller at times the terminology used to tell us what you want is not so helpful. So as a resource I am sharing a solid list of PDFs from an older site that is not as common as here, stealth316 etc. Including a PARTS CATALOG with OEM PART NUMBERS to not only make the life of parts sellers easier, but also your search for parts a lot faster and less unrelated items showing up. Enjoy!

Index of /pdfs (

(The links provided are from what are considered "Archives", Alot of the information I have learned and retained are from websites from the mid to late 90s and the EARLY 2000s. They are no longer actual websites that can be visited or viewed like we can 3SI etc. BUT the archived databases are being maintained and shared via The 3000GT/Stealth/GTO Web History Project. This project at one time (not sure if still rescuing databases or not) has set up a large "net ring" and more often then not has information or resources that a lot of the still active sites do not. The archives allow you to view the websites and forums as if they were still active and alive)
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