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FS: Electronic Stuff and BOVs

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Hey everyone,

Selling a lot of stuff today, I prefer PayPal and I'm a verified user.
I live in Saratoga so if your in the Bay Area you can come by and pick it up.

For Sale:

$120 - Blitz BOV kit: includes flange and some hoses.
$120 - Apex'i BOV kit: includes flange
$300 - Greddy Profec A
$50 - Greddy Turbo Timer (Second Gen)
$50 - HKS Turbo Timer
$100 - Apex'i S-AFC

I also have a brand new Die Hard Gold battery selling for $80 never used.

David Chen
[email protected]
94 Yellow GTO


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Hey, I want that Blitz BOV. I'll send you an email.
If Speeyuk doesn't take your blow off valve from ya, I definitely want it... don't know much about the Apexi, I want the blitz.

Is th at an OLD SAFC? Dibs if it's the newest gen!
Does the HKS tt include harness?
Ill take the apexi BOV.........Contact me at [email protected]
My other e-mail will not get answered, I am out of town for another 2 weeks.

bov, turbo timer

i'll take either of the bov's if either of the other two fall out. will also take a turbo timer if not called yet., let me know [email protected] 314-484-8484 thanks tom

you have the harness for the HKS turbo timer too? if so i'll take it [email protected]
Hey Guys,

Lots of people interested in the BOVs, AFC, and the HKS turbo timer. The HKS timer do not include harness which is only like another $5-10.

Still up for grabs is the Profec A and Greddy Turbo Timer

People still haven't sent money so until it defiante i'll still take other bids.

Blitz BOV and HKS Turbo Timer is Sold.

I'll sell the Greddy Turbo Timer and Profec A together for $300 + S&H

Apex'i S-AFC and the Apex'i BOV is still up for grabs.

[email protected]
does the Greddy turbo timer come with everything needed to install?
Sorry, the turbo timer doesn't come with a wiring harness. I can get on for ya though for like $5-10.

greddy stuff and apexi bov

i'll take the greddy stuff profec a and timer and the apexi bov. contact me at 314-4848484 or [email protected]
ill buy the apex bov now if its still available....thx
It's yours if you want it. I sent you an E-mail. Please contact me.
GREDDY TT and AFC are still available.

$50 for the TT
$100 for the AFC

$10 for S&H

Greddy TT doesn't come with harness but I can get one for you for $5-10.
Af is the frist gen version, cheap alternative to the new indiglo ones.

What features does the first gen have or don't have that the second gen SAFC has? Any differences other than the Digital display? If not It's mine... (had first dibs!)

And how complete is it?
The first gen AFC is as simple as it gets. It's also the easiest to setup.

It has 5 knobs along the RPM range that you can adjust the Air Fuel Ratio. The knobs light up as the RPMs go up. It's basically universal and doesn't need any special harness or adjustment.

It doesn't have all the memory functions or fancy gauges or whatever the new S-AFC has. This unit is the down right basics and what you need to adjust your A/F

David Chen
[email protected]
94 Yellow GTO
profec & tt

Dave, do you still have the profec and turbo timer?

Dave M
1992 vr-4
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