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I just don't have the time to give her the attention she needs anymore, so my 1994 Stealth RT/TT is up for sale.

Location: Brookville, PA (Zip 15825)
VIN: JB3A1V74K9040230
Price: $8,500

Some details:
- stock (except the wiring for SIRIUS, and the amp has been replaced with a 2002 Mitsu Diamante one)
- ~116k on engine/tranny/body (clean CarFax, I have a copy that was ran a couple months ago)
- Jet Black exterior, Dark Grey interior
- body has minor dings and scratches (it is a 15 year old car)
- passenger side sail panel has big area scratched off (no idea how this happened, it was like this when I bought it)
- paint still shines after a good clean and wax
- OEM wheels, with some of the chrome flaking and some curb rash
- Defroster vent is cracked (typical)
- Driver's seat leather is worn down in the normal spot
- Driver's door is bubbling
- CEL is on, code is for EGR valve
- Anti-Lock is on, code is for Speed sensor (not sure which one, but I think it's the passenger front)
- Tour/Sport blink occasionally, I believe it is a loose cap wire
- 2nd gear is notchy when cold. I don't notice it once tranny fluid is warmed.
- Oil changed with Mobil 1 Synthetic 10W-30, every 4000-5000 miles
- valid PA inspection until May 2009

I bought the TT back in May 2006, it had 100k miles on it then.

I've had many things replaced/fixed in the last 2.5 years. I have either put the date and/or mileage it was replaced/fixed:
- 101,664 (06/13/2006), front O2 sensors replaced (for emssions)
- 101,712 (06/14/2006), exhaust flex pipes replaced (for emissions)
- 101,836 (06/29/2006), 4 new tires installed (Kumho Ecsta All-Seasons)
- ???,??? (07/14/2006), 120k service performed at Victor Research in East Hartford, CT
- 104,808 (01/12/2007), Turbo oil cooler return lines replaced
- 104,900 (02/13/2007), front head, timing belt, bearings, radiator replaced (front head seized, probably had to do with the oil cooler return lines leaking oil)
- 106,976 (06/27/2007), A/C evaporator replaced, passenger window backroller/window guide replaced
- 109,844 (02/01/2008), all 4 ECS struts, front arm assemblies replaced
- 110,801 (03/22/2008), K/N drop in filter installed
- 110,890 (03/28/2008), all 4 ECS struts, front arm assemblies, passenger front hub assembly, alternator, front links and bushings replaced
- 111,623 (05/15/2008), passenger window, motor and regulator replaced (passenger front strut and cap replaced under warranty)
- 114,669 (07/21/2008), A/C system recharged

I have a couple extra items that will go with the car:
- 1994 Dodge Service Manuals (both Body & Electrical)
- HHH Hybrid Datalogger cable w/ software license
- 2nd remote FOB (hasn't been programmed yet)

Email or PM me for more info.

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How far are you from York, Pa.? Also, how firm are you on the price? You can PM me and we can talk about it. I'm very interested. Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.

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Let me know if you've received the deposit yet please. Thanks. Can't wait to hopefully pick it up next weekend.:D
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