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FRR35H's Build Thread

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It's late but here it is :)
Car isn't modified as much as everyone else's but its got the power I'm comfortable with for now :)

Car: Mitsu GTO MR '96


BIG FK OFF Saber FMIC :D custom piping
Custom CAI
Manual boost controller
Turbosmart BOV
Some Pod filter that works
Fuel pump relay bypass
Factory speed limiter overide
Kakimoto single shooter catback exhaust.

Driveline n suspension:
Exeddy heavy duty clutch
Solid shift bushes
Tein Flex coilovers

WEDS 18" rims ( don't know the name) painted custom in matte black

Exterior and lighting:
Sick body kit ( for now ;) )
6k HID kit
Led parkers
Clear side indicators with factory JDM Parkers
Custom plates ;) [FRR•35H]

Gizmo CF led shift light
GReddy Full Auto Turbo Timer
Calibre boost gauge
Stock look interior

Pioneer AVH P6850
2x pioneer 3 way 6" upfront
2x Sony Explode ( i know yeeeuuukk!!!) 6x9 up back soon to be replaced with pioneer
With Micks 4 industrial sub setup on stand by :p

Things to still be installed:
GReddy Emanage Ultimate
Innovative LC1 Wideband O2
Fuel pump hotwire kit

I'll upload the pix when I get to my comp and progress posts etc.

Sent from yo' mums computer ;)
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There is that nasty drug habbit Matt needs to satisfy as well....
Mate those are not the correct pad. They are for the single piston caliper that's on the fwd 3000gt.
You sure? They look like the ones I had before. And they cross referenced fine.

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^and I didn't mean that brand, that's just the first pic that came up.
You need the ones with the two holes in the top as we have two pins that slide through from the side of the caliper.
Hmmm im going to check Thursday when im home but I remember them looking like the brembos. Worst case ill just get the ones on shelf at super cheap and sell these off to the us.

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I've swapped my pads out myself before. Piss easy job. But yeh, they are the wrong pads now I look properly! Sob. There goes $78!

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Its alright until its dynoed we can only safely assume that he will move at a NA pace :p
Fresh, can you look into your signature.
Every time this computer finds your sig it has a heart attack for a bit, slows down, then comes up with something about facebook and not secure.
Not happening with anyone elses sig, only yours.
Someone else told me this. Ill check it tomorrow.

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Been over a year since I've updated this.
So painted all the cooler piping, hoses, clamps and cooler itself. Pretty pleased with the result. :)


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