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FRR35H's Build Thread

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It's late but here it is :)
Car isn't modified as much as everyone else's but its got the power I'm comfortable with for now :)

Car: Mitsu GTO MR '96


BIG FK OFF Saber FMIC :D custom piping
Custom CAI
Manual boost controller
Turbosmart BOV
Some Pod filter that works
Fuel pump relay bypass
Factory speed limiter overide
Kakimoto single shooter catback exhaust.

Driveline n suspension:
Exeddy heavy duty clutch
Solid shift bushes
Tein Flex coilovers

WEDS 18" rims ( don't know the name) painted custom in matte black

Exterior and lighting:
Sick body kit ( for now ;) )
6k HID kit
Led parkers
Clear side indicators with factory JDM Parkers
Custom plates ;) [FRR•35H]

Gizmo CF led shift light
GReddy Full Auto Turbo Timer
Calibre boost gauge
Stock look interior

Pioneer AVH P6850
2x pioneer 3 way 6" upfront
2x Sony Explode ( i know yeeeuuukk!!!) 6x9 up back soon to be replaced with pioneer
With Micks 4 industrial sub setup on stand by :p

Things to still be installed:
GReddy Emanage Ultimate
Innovative LC1 Wideband O2
Fuel pump hotwire kit

I'll upload the pix when I get to my comp and progress posts etc.

Sent from yo' mums computer ;)
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Isn't it all fixed now???? I like the things you are yet too install ;)
Hey Matt any details on your build progress/parts choice? I know you'll be keen to take it to the creek when it's done. ;)
What changed your opinion on the rps Scoty?

I know DR sells the RPS range, but I had heard way too many unhappy customers. (in regards to the RPS clutch range) My next clutch is going to be a Southbend. Sorry you had to get a shitty clutch Jay. :(

Did you read the can? :p I used the same stuff but in black and it turned out good just follow the instructions.
You should do some research instead of posting racist garbage on fb all day haha.
That looks great Matt. Can't wait to join the built engine brigade.
My guess is 347 awkw at that boost. Going to the VE riggoli dyno day in April?
I run NGK R5671A-8 and they have worked fine for me. Have a look here Spark Plugs - Ninja Performance - Affordable Performance Auto Parts this will help make your decision. I'd be looking at at least 1 step colder plug maybe 2.
Unless you have some sort of ignition amp you'll have to gap the down the plugs if boosting higher, unless you have a super healthy ignition system like brand new OEM everthing and good leads. I thought that was common knowledge? A few high boost guys run 0.022 of an inch or or 0.56mm on here I'm running 0.028 around 0.7mm another reason people go with copper plugs is that they can be gapped down. I think Ilya's recommended gap is spot on for your boost Matt.
Been reading some guides and looking forward to it. It does a lot more than I thought with some pretty cool features.
Got a file ready to go when you are. Got a link to exact injectors you have?
To answer your question from the other day, the boom slang is for Knock and Air....
Ok no worries bring it on. Confirmed injector brand? Just to get the latencies etc.
Let the drag times do the talking. I know you've run a flat 13 when your car was very stock. 11s will come quick once you've finished run in possibly even on 98 or 100 octane alone.
Just got home from helping Matt today and cracked a beer so i'll give a run down on how we went.

Got down there around 9.30 and we got stuck in pretty quick as we had a bit to do. Installed the harness, installed wideband and integrated into the Emanage as it didn't have a gauge, fixed some terminals for fuel pump hotwire. Had to have a fiddle with the drivers on the lappy as usual, loaded in the tune and made some final changes. Then we calibrated the TPS for the EMU software and checked to see it could log the info.

Some final checks and some cranking to bleed the lifters and prime the turbos. At this stage we had already ran the fuel pump for 10 seconds or so to check for leaks etc. Matt did the honor of cranking the car over for the first time and it came straight to life first crank. I was on the lappy reading the AFR etc and all was sweet. The only little thing was the power steering fluid was a tad low causing a phantom whir.

Very good day and seeing Matt and Sean happy with the results was tops!
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680ccs Will be good for at least 18 psi on flex which is the max I'd be sitting at given other aspects of the fuel system anyway.
Yeah good results. The E-manage is an interesting thing, a lot of work goes into these early stages. Mid to low 11s AFR very conservative timing, 21 degrees peak. Before we reduced it timing was close to 30* and were getting some knock. Now has zero knock. Looking forward to the next stage.

14.5psi peak tappering 13.5psi I love the feeling of a nice tight engine anyway heres a VD print.

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Love it mate! Just like you sig pic.
Sorry I didn't chime in yet haven't had access to a computer and cbf typing all this on a phone.

That pull in timing is required to keep it at a safe level due to to the airflow(Hz) being clamped to avoid fuel cut I could only do this based off TPS as you didn't have the boost sensor installed at the time. I'm tempted to say drop your car here with your boost sensor and meth kit and I'll give it back with 350kw.
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