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FRR35H's Build Thread

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It's late but here it is :)
Car isn't modified as much as everyone else's but its got the power I'm comfortable with for now :)

Car: Mitsu GTO MR '96


BIG FK OFF Saber FMIC :D custom piping
Custom CAI
Manual boost controller
Turbosmart BOV
Some Pod filter that works
Fuel pump relay bypass
Factory speed limiter overide
Kakimoto single shooter catback exhaust.

Driveline n suspension:
Exeddy heavy duty clutch
Solid shift bushes
Tein Flex coilovers

WEDS 18" rims ( don't know the name) painted custom in matte black

Exterior and lighting:
Sick body kit ( for now ;) )
6k HID kit
Led parkers
Clear side indicators with factory JDM Parkers
Custom plates ;) [FRR•35H]

Gizmo CF led shift light
GReddy Full Auto Turbo Timer
Calibre boost gauge
Stock look interior

Pioneer AVH P6850
2x pioneer 3 way 6" upfront
2x Sony Explode ( i know yeeeuuukk!!!) 6x9 up back soon to be replaced with pioneer
With Micks 4 industrial sub setup on stand by :p

Things to still be installed:
GReddy Emanage Ultimate
Innovative LC1 Wideband O2
Fuel pump hotwire kit

I'll upload the pix when I get to my comp and progress posts etc.

Sent from yo' mums computer ;)
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Reserved for pics and posts

Sent from yo' mums computer ;)
Reserved til I get to my pc

Sent from yo' mums computer ;)
More modified than me :p Now get the damn photos up!

What adaptor did you use for the BOV? Or does the turbosmart not need one?
Photos soon. :p
Need to get to my comp
The BOV has a custom pipe welded to the intercooler piping. I then used a rubber hose and attached it to the stock turbosmart adaptor. Eghh hard to explain I'll just get pics lol
I have two turbo smarts i switch between them from time to time

Mick: thanx bro

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where is the im with stupid icon lol
My car works so

Thanx Paul, the cars all fixed up now I'm just improving shit here and there so stuff stops breaking. :p
N woodzy: fix your shocks ;)

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and my Popups hahahahaha

I'll Buy yours after Big Day out :)
Back on topic I'm keeping this as a build thread like what GTWOAH did starting from when I got the car till now :)

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Thought I'd bring everyone a lil up to date with my lil project.
So I've recently swapped out the radiator for the one in the donor car as I did that I swapped the thermo stat too, still overheats. I suspect I have a small leak somewhere in the hoses that I can't normally see and it's not holding pressure.
I'll sort this out soon once and for all. For now I seem to be able to keep it at decent temps by not over thrashing it and topping the water up before I drive :p
I still can't boost over 9psi without stuttering like Mike Tyson, but I've been told to check the Intake plenum gaskets for leaks, they sometimes crack apparently.
That's the bad shit n really that's all the bad.
In other news I've recently made enough money's to fund new mods. First one you might all remember the controversial PRM BRACE that GTOER was selling a little while back? Well I picked it up last week and this is where it now rests :

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Also late last night after work, I had decided to go through and buy the eBay exhaust that everyone raves about, but before I did, good mate Dougal offered me a deal on his one that I couldn't refuse :) so picking that up tonight to go on the car tomorrow :)

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Also recently I made a pressure tester from cheap buntings parts to test for boost leaks and it was a GREAT SUCCESS! Found atleast 3-4 leaks but still the massive one which is allegedly the plenum gaskets has yet to be found

Ilya I tried yours but it wasn't as effective on my car. This worked better for me and cost f all :)

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Last but not least, I've been looking into converting the oil feed n return lines along with the coolant lines for the turbos with AN fittings and braided lines
eBay again comes through with these

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Yeah I thought it wouldnt since you got a custom CAI. Im looking at getting those same braided oil lines with the coolant lines for when my 19t's come.
That's why I'm thinking of getting them. That way I can be well prepared

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Picked up some shiney stuff after work :)

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Spent the day at Western Mufflers today putting on my shiney new zorst. Here's the result:
Practicing getting the blue flame tip look

Great success!!

The zorst up on the car:

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Vids there. But I'm not sure if it works
sound check

Sent from yo' mums computer ;)
This was my old exhaust!!! Awesome that it sounds this good as i could not get it to work with my build project and at least this has not gone to waste at all!

I did not realize you got pics of it at my joint when you came to pick it up.
Made me laugh seeing my the exhaust lying on my kitchen floor tiles!!
Lol by old you mean never used. Lol
Yeh I'm so pleased with the whole result!

Sent from yo' mums computer ;)
Sure can :
DIY titanium look exhaust tips
To be honest with you, I practiced a bit til I got it right then got my old boss to get it right as well seeing as we both never done it before. I did good but had more faith in him to do my actually tips. So it was a combination of me and him on my zorst tips :)

Sent from yo' mums computer ;)

So over the last few weeks I've been collecting parts and doing slight things here and there.
where im at:
Bought the 19Ts Maddy was selling. :)

Bought Boomslang (think i might of mentioned this) for my Emanage Ultimate.
Got 780cc injectors off Mick as part of a deal :)
255LPH Walbro from GTWHOAH As part of a swap.
Hotwired the fuel pump.
Robos YEAH!!!! :)

Still need to do the evil eye hood and custom front bar though
Braided Turbo, oil and water return and feed lines

plan is to get this all installed and tuned within the next month or so.
in the same time i'm hoping to get the Coolant and Boost leaks all sorted and getting the car running smooth again.
stay tuned :)\
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