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FRR35H's Build Thread

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It's late but here it is :)
Car isn't modified as much as everyone else's but its got the power I'm comfortable with for now :)

Car: Mitsu GTO MR '96


BIG FK OFF Saber FMIC :D custom piping
Custom CAI
Manual boost controller
Turbosmart BOV
Some Pod filter that works
Fuel pump relay bypass
Factory speed limiter overide
Kakimoto single shooter catback exhaust.

Driveline n suspension:
Exeddy heavy duty clutch
Solid shift bushes
Tein Flex coilovers

WEDS 18" rims ( don't know the name) painted custom in matte black

Exterior and lighting:
Sick body kit ( for now ;) )
6k HID kit
Led parkers
Clear side indicators with factory JDM Parkers
Custom plates ;) [FRR•35H]

Gizmo CF led shift light
GReddy Full Auto Turbo Timer
Calibre boost gauge
Stock look interior

Pioneer AVH P6850
2x pioneer 3 way 6" upfront
2x Sony Explode ( i know yeeeuuukk!!!) 6x9 up back soon to be replaced with pioneer
With Micks 4 industrial sub setup on stand by :p

Things to still be installed:
GReddy Emanage Ultimate
Innovative LC1 Wideband O2
Fuel pump hotwire kit

I'll upload the pix when I get to my comp and progress posts etc.

Sent from yo' mums computer ;)
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Shouldn't this thread be changed to:
Fr3sh's 'Matt should fix his car before building it' Thread?

There is no building I can see.

There I go again


where is the im with stupid icon lol
The Red looks good, need to look into that Yellow globe when I remember next :p
not sure how you're applying the paint stripper...normally you use a paintbrush and are pretty careful to keep it off your hands :p
always a good idea to have a heat lamp on whatever you're painting :)
ok, Maddy was talking about buying the RPS...then bought it...but we anyone got a post as to what its like after he's bought it? the RPS is unsprung which is giving people I'm keen to see what it's like after a few miles...if so I might get one as well.
Guys the RPS is sprung, one of the main reasons I went for it. Unsprung is better for strip but causes wear and tear. The RPS will do 10s all day long and be reliable and hold lots of torque, cant ask much for than that from a clutch. Also go for the 6puck if your not worried about clutch life and want max holding torque.
and how many Kms have you put on yours?

anyone else actually running it in Aus?
bah, here we go lol

so what is Maddy doing now? back to selling? another clutch?
Word around the traps is Mads is selling the GTO (again) and modding the Mazda. Something about less damage to be done with front wheel launches.....

Thankfully it seems not :p I can understand not spending money on the GTO.. but they are such a fun car, look awesome :D great community.

Hurry up and get it running Matt, I'm keen to buy one if it turns out well :)

I can't ring you at the moment as my work will kill me for the roaming charges, I'm back tomorrow evening so I'll get in contact monday or something :) (then I can sort out more of the NG stuff)
Looks good man :)

I'm guessing you got the thin wall not the 220 thou pins from 3sx :) glad you upgraded.
you have elected to not replace the oil pump on a full engine build? how many km on it?
Fair enough, I bought special gears for the stock pump for mine :)
I think the red might actually look good! :D
bro those mani's are not worth fitting lol I'd go stock and save yourself the money in machining

there's a reason I gave them to you free and outlined all this to you at the time :p
well, the front one is not spectacular, and the solution is the GTECH version, but GTECH rarely has stock
they do unless they are braced like stock, the stock rear mani in our car is rock solid, quite a few people have issues with the front mani cracking though, and that's where the GTech seems good, I've yet to hear of a single case of cracking with them...
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