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Front Windshield Wiper Size...

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Alright here's the deal.. I went out to walmart to buy some front wiper blades and their little computer said 20" for the front. Before I went I searched thru my manual, the 3si faqs, and searched the forums and came up with nothing. I bought 2 20" Rain-x blades... just found out today from another post that I may need 1 20" and 1 21" for the front? Which side is the longer one and what effect would 2 20s have? (IE where would it not be wiping, right down the middle of the windshield?)
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Two 20" will still work, you will just lose an inch of wiping area :)
I'm assuming the passenger side is the 21"?
I guess I'll just go to walmart and exchange a 20 for a 21. They shouldn't have a problem with that. :)
Let me do a quick search I just forgot which size goes where but you need 1 20", 1 21", 1 22" (for the back)
Ok 21" on driver side 20" passenger and 22" back.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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