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front lower ball joint

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MY front lower front ball joint is getting sad !!

have rung the mit dealer and he reckons you have to buy the whole lower control arm ??? $850 yuk
but said it could be possible to replace with another type if they can get it out , have done this to some other mits but not a gto
Is this true???

anyone changed one out
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Tell him to eat a dick and piss up a rope.... I have been debating this for the last 4 hours... honestly, tonight I was looking at mine b/c the boot was wore off on both front ball joints, and so I took the boots off, and I found it surprising that you can buy the boots separate. Anywho, In the CD Manual I have, it makes it look as if the Ball Joint does come out, and... on top of that, there is a huge snap ring underneath the ball joint boot that is around the outside edge of the ball joint. I've never seen anything like this, so I have no clue. I actually have looked through the 3/S archives and all I've come up with is that it's connected to the arm, but jesus, what the hell is this snap ring for then? I'll make this my little journey to find out if Mitsu made the ball joints replaceable or not. I'll let you know and you keep me in mind if you figure something out-
Yeah thanks

I had a look myself and they look sim to the rear lower control arms ones , i dont want to take the car off the road yet so i thought i would try the rear lower ones first ,i have a set sitting their on the bench so in to it
,and like you said under the boot theirs a snap ring so off it came , cleaned up the grease ,looks as it does come out ,so gave a couple knocks with the hammer to try to get ball joint out of the arm but i say it is going to need a press , didnt want to wreck it !! beating it to death ,so have soak it in CRC over night to see if it helps and use me vice .

i'll kep you up to date
Not looking good. Everything find says it's all one....... let me know-
The only thing that is replacable on the ball jont is the rubber skirt that holds the grease in , and the grease. Everything else is one piece, which means you either need to check your ball joint to make sure it is good (by using a torque wrench and the manual), or you need to buy the whole lower A-arm. There is no way I would spend that much for an A-arm either, I think I spent $200 each for both of mine. Just go to some of the mitsu dealers on line, most of them have decent prices if you don't mind waiting a week to get your part.
newfoundglory i have taken a good look at this ball joint and i think it can be removed via a press ,i had a go at knocking it out in place but no go , but as for getting one if it does come out ????gte853y may be right ???
i will need to do this after chrismas for me warrant so i`ll be back with the results then
I know there IS snap-ring around them, did you try taking that off?
Yes i removed the snap ring
i used a piece of pipe under the control arm around the ball joint so itwould pass in to it and give good support when i gave it a beating , could not really have a good go at it in place with wheel arch and all in the way.
to me the ball joint is not made as part of the lower arm
you can see where it has been pressed in to the seat made for it in the lower arm.
i think i will remove it soon ,i have to do some miles in it in january

the thing is ,,i can`t image mitz made a one off ball joint for these ? ! & can they find me one that will fit once removed ,i have found out that the import mitz diamanie ( i think thats how its spelt ) is the same being one piece & the ball joint has been removed & another mitz fitted

this mitz dealer in town has to get the arm from japan if i need it , i dont want to fit second hand

do you have any address for mitz dealers online that i can get a price for a complete lower arm if things dont work out ??
I don't, but Jeff does at Go check out the links section there. THere's a bunch of dealer links in there. later-

The ball joints ARE removeable. All you have to do is remove the boot (should be replaced every time a pickle fork is used), then remove the snap ring. Clean the area on the top of the lower control arm around the ball joint with solvent. Then PRESS it out. I did it on the car by lugging a big 6" vise out, and using a pipe around the lower ball joint body. Then use a socket that is the same diameter (or slightly smaller) as the ball joint body on the upper side. Don't try to use a c-clamp or light vise as it takes some leverage to get it started.... Reinstall in reverse.

Now the problem is, Mitsu / Dodge do not sell replacement ball joints (and neither do any of the aftermarket suppliers I have tried). I rebuilt one by cutting the cap off on a lathe, and casting replacements for the plastic inserts, and welding the cap back on. But that only lasted about six months.

Does anyone know of suitable replacement ball joints that do not cost the $300+ for a complete control arm????
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i`m on the case now and have found a couple of guys that have replaced them ,got hold of one but he cannot find the part number or box ,he thinks it is off a Mitz V3000.
Trying to get a hold of the other ,he lives in a city 600 k/m from me and he`s away from work ,only have his work number ,the cost is between $30 - $60 bucks !! NZ bucks

have got a number for a rear one , dont know for sure ? he reakons it may be the same as the front but they look different to me ,#41618A ,its a mitz number it may be able to be crossed with a aftermarket ?? ,have not looked into yet

I let you know for sure , when i do , i think i`ll take mine out next week when i get hold of this dude

Let us know what you find. My CAPS (Mitsubishi Parts Lookup) program - available from ForcedPerformance - does not show a separate P/N. I also called the MOPAR employee parts hot line, and they were not able to supply the ball joint by itself. MOOG doesn't show a listing either...

This looks like a good business opportunity for somone...
Anyone find any #'s yet?

I just got my car up on the hoist and my joints are thrashed too... anyone find a replacement ball joint yet? pleasepleaseplease for the love of our cars............
Well after a heap of toll calls ,hate to see me phone bill ,i have a lower ball joint coming to me on wendsday !!
If all goes well ,like looks the same like ,i try and fit it in on friday ,if this fits i post you`s the part number.

Also try and find whats its off ,does not seem to be too many around.

C U:)
Ball Joint Pictures and dimensions

I measured a 1991 VR4 ball joint in hopes someone can use this information to find a replacement w/o having to replace the entire lower control arm.

Below is a list of measurements:

Thread minor diameter: .436”
Thread major diameter: .465”
Top of thread to start of taper .850” Note not critical
Minot taper diameter (closest to thread) .600”
Major taper diameter (closet to arm) .693”
Taper Length .780” Note taper stops ½” from bottom
Major ball joint diameter 1.657” This is how big part that presses into control arm is

Note: The ball joint has a snap ring that keeps the ball joint from slipping out of control arm I was not able to get good dimensions of this ring.

P.S. Don't drive your car were the roads are salted. These parts went for 8 years with no rust. 2 Indiana winters and they look like crap!:(
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Well i have fitted the lower ball joint and all fits well :) :)

the brand is SAS ( shock absorber services ) never heard of them before.

Part #SAS-B404

good luck and pass on to me how you get on and any other part number`s that you may come across

OK sirbobivis, 'fess up.

Do you have the contact information for this SAS outfit?

How much was the ball joint?

Did it come with a boot, snap ring, and/or lock nut?
No luck findin SAS

Well I have had not luck finding SAS on the Web.


If this truely isn't available in the states you could be a big service to the 3si community if you started exporting parts, and make a little profit too!

Want a partner?

If not how much to sell me 2 ball joints for a 91 VR-4?

John Monnin
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Do you have the contact information for this SAS outfit?

How much was the ball joint?

Did it come with a boot, snap ring, and/or lock nut? [/B][/QUOTE]


Do`nt know anything about this SAS ,the supplier of the part is small and not very efficent ,had to ring him to remind to send me the ball joint.He got it from somewhere else !!!!!

With freight i think it should come to about $70 NZ dollars.
Tell you more when i see my credit card

It came with boot ,snap ring ,lock nut ,also grease nipple.

Had a prick of a time getting the boot on thou.

Tried to insert picture of it on this but have not worked out how to yet ?

JOHN we have to talk
Will see what it will cost to send to the states

After chrismas will be traveling up that way so will see the supplier to find out more ,and by the looks pick some up ,
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somone hook up some phone #'s or a web site please....
If Not.... I need 2. How much?

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