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This is my situation. I was in a minor accident a day ago and the front end of my car is damaged. The nose will have to be replaced and I believe the hood and one headlight will also. The car is a 1992 3000GT SL. My question is since the front end is going to be replaced I started to think if I should contemplate trying to replace it with a 2nd generation front. I know people have done this but I have now idea how or what is involved. I also know there are aftermarket front ends. The local body shop will be doing the work. They repaired some paint earlier and I was satisfied with the job. Could most any shop handle putting on a 2nd generation front end? Will it cost more than replacing it with the 1st generation front end? What about the lights? Is it a direct replacement or does it involve lots of modifiction that the shop might not handle? How many and exactly what parts would be needed? I would like to hear any sugestions and information would be greatlly appreciated.

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