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Free 3si Screensaver <<< Want ur car in ???

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nyone interested in a 3si screensaver ? I am making one for free distribution for any members that would like one.

>>>>>>>>>>If you want to have a pic of your car in the screensaver, send me a link to the picture. Preferably high resolution, large pictures.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

NOTE: There is no guaruntee that I will use your car in the screensaver and do reserve the right to decide which pictures I want to include. [ That said I think all our cars are beautifully styled and will probably use all the pictures unless they are too small or I think there is too much "noise" in the background.

Well, now its time for me to sit back and see if this is going to work. :)
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I think you should use the ones from the calendar thread.

Not sure if this link will work

If not here's the album link (photo named calendarcar)

you can edit it to take out those black lines on the sides.
1 question How do you make a simple picture screen saver? Like photos just popping up then going away then another popping up. I have photo shop which will make photos due that but I don't know how to convert to .scr I think that's the screen saver extension.
ah, here I go giving away secrets of the trade...j/k. Of course, anything for a fellow 3sier - use Stardust Screensaver Creator, very simple to use, very good results.
Thanks I'm going to try and make myself a custom one.

Where can I get it?
there is a 3si screen saver that is in the 3si downloads (upper right corner)
Tigger, is that the turnpike? I'm just curious as to how you got your car over there, did you have to drive off of the ramp?
I hadn't seen the other screensaver. I am still interested in making a new one with more of our cars in it -if for noone else, then for myself. I am just offering anyone interested in a chance to have their cars in it.

>whitetiger, you know better than that. email me if you don't.

>newfoundglory, I got yours
here are some attachments, hope you like them, hehe. i was just about to post them on the board, thought i'd post them here first.

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