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Found this interesting photo...

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So I was going through some old photos one my computer until I came upon this. It's a specs sheet for this car. One thing is peculiar about it though. When you look at the max speed, it says 310 km/h, which equates to 192 mph. Could this car stock really achieve that cuz that's really cool. I was thinking it could be the eurospec one if anything.

Here's the photo:

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probably with good track condition on a big track

They even have a picture of GTO Joe ... lol

Most magazines say 160ish but who knows. Rumor is a few people with the right mods have hit 200+.
They even have a picture of GTO Joe ... lol

Who's GTO joe?
That thread made my brain hurt.... Couple years before I came around. Hadn't seen it before.
Most marketing materials like that will quote the mathematical speed given rpms and gearing. They do not account for friction, etc. The same as quoting crank HP and not HP at the wheels. It's all about the fine print.
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