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for those with the factory sunroof

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I have the factory sunroof in my 95 rt/turbo I just bought (the one that stores in the trunk), and I'm having a problem getting it on correctly. When I tried putting it on after I took it off, it seemed like it was not laying flat. When I'm driving it, sometimes it flops up and down and is not secure. It seems like I am doing everything right (I'm turning the handle until it turns no more, and then pushing the handle into the little slotted knotch). Is this a problem with this sunroof, or if you have any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong or perhaps any adjustments that need to be made, please respond. Thanks guys.
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There's actually 3 "snaps" that the sunroof attaches to when it's in place. The first is the little red "handle" that you push up, the other are the 2 "buttons". Make sure that the sunroof is securley attached to both of these.
Usually, to get it seated in the 2 "button" latches, I just bang on it once. You'll know it's seated properly when you close it and there's no gap.

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Make sure the leading edge of the sunroof is firmly pushed down as you lower the rear towards the latch. Easier to do with two
people. Also make sure the sunroof is correctly connected to
the latch. Takes a little force. If it isn't, it will "flop" and could fall off. Not good!:D
Make sure the two front hinges are in on the front, then hold the back about 7 or 8 inches in the air and then drop it. Works every time.
Thanks guys. I was sure that I wasn't doing something right. I will try that making sure it is seated correctly, and is firmly connected to the latch.
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