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For all of you interested, this is how ou fit 6 15's in a neon

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156 Legal...

I'll add that there are actually only two subs, and there are 4 15" passive radiators, but from the fornt it looks like 6 subs :)
can you acctually hear someone when they are talkin to you? damn i would go deaf with a car like that
having 4 not hooked up actually HELPS it? odd. now.......can you breathe in there? i used to have 4 ppi 12s in my truck and i had some trouble breathing when it was cranked.
So you only have 2 15's in their. And something else pushing the shells?
I dont get it

Passive radiators are cones without motor structures that help push more air at the tuning frequency.
I worked at a stereo shop in Florida several years ago and we had a neon with 12 12"s in it. It won the SPL record for a car at Daytona. I dont remember the SPL #. You can check out Autoteks webpage for the details.
mobilebeatz said:
Passive radiators are cones without motor structures that help push more air at the tuning frequency.
It's essentially the same effect as a vented box, with less port noise. Hadn't heard of anyone putting them in a car before though.
That box looks like it would be a good excuse not to have to drive anyone anywhere ;)
You really should get 4 more subs and some more amps. It's a shame to waste all that space with passive radiators.

My uncle and I did Lanzar's demo vehicle for 1995. It was a S10 Blazer with 4 Lanzar 18's, each with 6 cubic feet and its own 500W amp bridged mono to 1000watts(measured). It also had 2 6.5's, 2 5.25's, 2 4's, and 4 neodymium tweets, all with their own amps. When we were adjusting the gain out in the parking lot, we killed my uncle's fish (a brazilian Aruana) from the vibration in the fish tank, and a flourescent light fell out of the fixture inside. The paint chipped off the roof of the truck, and the CD player skipped like crazy.

The truck was wrecked a week later, and I got 2 of the 18's (I still have them).
hey Drew, funny you mention that. Dave Fishman Rivera used a fish tank of course in his Lanzar demo vehicle...I assume you mean a fish in the house...
The fish was in a huge 150 gallon tank inside the stereo shop (Lair's Pawn & Stereo in Mtn. Home, AR). We were arked right in front of the window, and my granddad came running out yelling for us to turn it off because thelight fell out of the fixture and the fish was running into the glass. He died a few minutes later and the vet next door said it was from hemorrhaging because he has blood in his eyes.

We never did even get the system tuned properly before the truck was wrecked on the way to the paint shop.

With one of the 18's in a 4 cu ft ported box and a 400 watt amp in my 90 rx7, I hit 146 peak (the decibal meter registered 140 +/- 6 and it was maxing out on peaks). The sub hit so hard it would break screws off in the box. I still have the 2 18's and a ton of other stuff, but I'm not interested in a system any time soon.
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BMF Neon, its funny that your on the 3SI site. I've followed your posts for about a year now over on termpro. This is my world and where I get a chance to shine because of my incredible stereo. Heres a link to my sound domain site check it out and tell me what you think. WELCOME TO 3SI Stealth
Hey, what's up Teddy, good to see ya :)

I was looking into a 3000GT, but I dont think I'll be able to cut it because of insurance and I think it may have sold :(

Basically the reason for the passives is that we wanted to do something different to make people think.

Technically, it should be louder, and I compet in the SS 1-2 woofers class.

any questions..

[email protected]
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I just checked out your install, VERY VERY nice looking dude...

That's what I'd like to do, #uc# this wall stuff :)
So, uh... that's not your daily driver, right?!
cotmfk said:
So, uh... that's not your daily driver, right?!
I hate to say it, but it is :)

I want to change that QUICK :)
Wow.. I can see why you'd want to change that quickly then! Well, if you can't take on a Vr-4, you should get another car that is turbocharged. You can upgrade those cars to no end!
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