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First Race...Stealth ES VS Integra

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Well it all started when i took my friend up to his girlfriends house. She lives on about a 1/4 mile straight stretch, and when i picked him up, i noticed my other friend behind me with his 01' Integra. He pulled up beside me and asked if i wanted to race. I said no, and we started to pull out. He got right on my ass and got ready to go around me when i put the gas to it. I guess you could say we were doin about 30 i'd say, rollin start. I beat him by about 4 car lengths, and had a hell of a rush. Wasn't to bad for my first race.
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HAHA... Good Kill man and welcome to the board. Yeah will find a lot of cars like that trying to run. Slowest POS that dont know what they are getting into.

For Example. A couple of days ago I had 4 ghetto thugs try to race me in their moms old beatup Buick. LOL. None the less I gave them a little chirp and they didnt want to go anymore. HEHE:D
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