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first kill in my 94' VR4

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ok, to start this off one of my friends that owns a 1995 mustang gt noticed i bought a new car and wanted to race me right when he saw it. i pretty much told him that he wouldn't stand a chance but for some reason he kept on persisting that we race and he thought that he could take me from a roll. this was the first time that i had floored this car and it amazed the hell out of me from a 30 mph roll. he honked three times and on the third honk i just flew by him, by the time i hit third he was probably about 15 cars behind me and then i probably should have slowed down but was having way too much fun. by fourth i could barely see him in my rear view mirror. when i stopped and he pulled over next to me the person in his passenger seat just was staring at my car with his jaw dropped. my friend just said that we have to race again when he gets his SC. i guess one good thing about living in a small town is nobody knowing what VR4 stands for. the kill is nothing to brag about but it was fun. now i'm going after the older model mustangs that claim over 300 hp and have NOS, that should be much more of a challenge
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Nice job!

Was that the early 4.6 GT - haha, nevermind. :D What were those mid-15 second cars. Hehe. Still fun race.

You lucky bastard, how'd you get a 94 VR4 at 17, took me until 20 to get my 1992. Oh well, treat her good. [Quick quick, replace tranny fluid with half&half redline mtl & mt-90 - REALLY, will save your syncros].

Also, when you get the cash, K&N intake, or generic open air filter {like $80} and go to, get a BC and push flat 13s [need gauges too though, $40 for bc, $80 for gauges]!

and, Welcome to 3Si!
You could get a bleeder valve for $10 and a boost gauge for $50 that would give you about 30HP. And if that is still to much money for you X-mas is just around the corner. Start asking everyone you know gifts for your car (parents, girlfriend, grandparents) you get my drift.:D :D :D

Good kill!!

nice kill man
i'm not as broke as i thought i was because of some car audio equipment i had laying around. i should be able to get about $450 for all of it. so far i have bought a greddy type S BOV, manual boost controller and a turbo timer that i need help hooking up. i plan on also buying a FIPK, exhaust, and maybe a downpipe, then i will be practically broke.
Nice kill man, way to beat up on the mustang community. Sounds like your well on your way to a fast VR4 with your mods, and damn, i'm 18 and i just bought my 94R/T you are a lucky sob ;)

Don't forget the boost gauge, and MOST importantly, the air/fuel ratio gauge!!! It makes for the easiest and safest way to tune a manual BC. Don't just take a numerical boost value from someone off 3Si, some people run 15 psi no problem, some knock at 13.5 ~ so depend on the air/fuel ratio gauge alone when turning up the boost, it will save your car.

Also which bc you get, is it fish-tank style bleeder or controlled relieve valve?
Was that the early 4.6 GT - haha, nevermind
In 1995 the Mustang GT had a 5.0 but still only 215hp stock.
wasnt 94 the last 5.0 year?
No, thats why those models were called "sn95's". It was the last model 5.0 ever produced.
au contrare!!! They were 5.0 only on the badge...they were truly 4.92s, but they rounded up to make it soung good. And that, my friends, is a fact!!
au contrare!!!
stupid vette drivers and their fancy german phrases ;) j/k.

hrusky17, nice kill. get a boost controller, down pipe, intake, before your buddy gets that supercharger. then when he wants to race you again and he thinks he's gonna win...well let's just say he's gonna wonder why that S/C "didn't do anything".
that's hilarious! do you think a downpipe would be a better choice than exhaust? i don't think i will have enough money for both but of course later on when i get the money i will by the one i decide not to get. i would like to keep the sleeper image also so that is why i might by a downpipe first. please everyone list your opinions. also, can any one give me detailed steps to installing a turbo timer in my car? i have an apexi turbo timer that has a harness that contains 3 wires the green wire has a wire spliced off of it running through a fuse, a ground wire, and also one that is grey. as you can tell, probably from how i explained that, that i'm in serious need of help. thanks
Toxic13 said:
stupid vette drivers and their fancy german phrases ;) j/k.

hrusky17, nice kill. get a boost controller, down pipe, intake, before your buddy gets that supercharger. then when he wants to race you again and he thinks he's gonna win...well let's just say he's gonna wonder why that S/C "didn't do anything".
Pardon my FRENCH, Toxic13 but...thanks for the laugh :D
Nice kill bro. Im looking at getting a 94 vr4, and even before I have committed to it some prick in my class (i'm still in highschool) is already bashing it, saying I can have all the turbos i want, but airflow wont beat his v8 power(he too has a mustang gt, but i believe its brand new, 250hp 3 something torque, and i think its an auto). Everytime he says that crap i just stare at him and burst out laughing.
260HP, but with some gears and exhaust those stangs really wake up. There really is nothing sweeter than a Mustang exhaust note.
An auto GT???

Never underestimate anyone, especially a V8 - but, unless you race from awkward roll, or bog the launch, you should KILL him. Bleed the fucker first and you'll destroy him/ smack him around like a silly bitch, just man-handle him like a high 73 lb anorexic crack whore! You get the idea.
Just don't be stupid about the race [high-schooler and fast cars = many deaths, hell college students + fast cars, shit, any young guy with too much power and too much balls = death].
that's very true Telionis. sadly, i'm a senior in high school and have already had two good friends die. take my advice and learn from other people's mistakes.
little correction

RED C5 said:

au contrare!!!
That's "AU CONTRAIRE" not "au contrare" ;)
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