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I'd like to extend a special thanks to Alan, Lori, and everyone else for allowing me the opportunity to participate in the planning of NG10.

I pledge to do my very best to accommodate everyone's needs, and make this the best NG to date. here's a little bit of info about me that could possibly be pertinent to you all.

I live in Noblesville, IN.. a suburb of Indy, about 15 or so miles north of downtown. I've lived near Indy my entire life, and every since high school when I got my first 3S, have roamed the area just to become familiar with it. I have a lot of contacts throughout the city that should be able to assist us with getting things done a little more smoothly.

My goal as of now, is to develop the plans for NG10, based purely on one thing:

-Safety of the hotel, and other facilities
-Navigation; I want the hotel to be an easy destination for travellers, as well as a relatively central location for the track, car show, etc.

I am entirely open to all suggestions, and encourage any input whatsoever.

I can be contacted 24/7 at (317) 370-5969.. in a day ro 2 when I get my phone fixed :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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