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FIPK or Filter with an adaptor?

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That site that said they had 3000GT clear corners also had an adaptor to mount a K&N cone filter for 20$. This and the filter would be much cheaper than the FIPK or the Aircharger for that matter. Is it worth it? Also, this must be asked a LOT, but when I'm removing the resonator, the FAQ suggested a vitamin cap....waht if I don't have one? Will like a plastic screw on cap to an OJ bottle fit? it's roughly the same diameter, but it isnt as long on the sides. I'm just worried it'll get sucked up or leak....thanks for your help!
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resonator removal

I used the screw on top to a gallon milk jug, and have had no problems. Once you get the resonator off it's pretty obvious what will fit in the hole and what won't. Also you are going to tighten the clamp back around the plug you put in, so it shouldn't move.

About the intake, I have been thinking about this also. I see a lot of ~$20 cone filters for the 3in pipes it doesn't make sense to pay $150 for the fipk. I hadn't seen this adapter yet, but was just figuring that someone had to have one. I will probably get it.

ttt........... comeon, any opinions of just going with the filter? Is the FIPK any different?
The FIPK has that warranty. I'd like to know more, too.
I was looking a purchasing an intake and adaptor also, and
the first thing I noticed was the size. The FIPK has a lot more
surface area than the filter/adaptor kit. Does it really make a difference? That I don't know.
I may be way off here...but I would thing as long as it does not restrict the intake pipe it would not matter. Sorta the same idea with the 4" exhaust tip on a 2" exhaust. But the surface area might work different because I guess it would have more filter to grab air? It would be cool to see some test results.
get the filter and adapter. NO DIFFERENCE

after doing a bit more research into this, I think the adaptor and the filter are the same thing as the FIPK, except the price of course. Now I guess my only question is what filter I should get? Anyone who knows, whats the biggest size I can fit? Has anyone done this before?? The other thing is, how is the filter secured onto the adaptor? Are there any screws or anything?

THANKS all, sorry for being a newbie loser :)
when you get the adapter, you will need a filter with a 4.5" opening to slip over the bracket. Just use a hose clamp to secure the filter onto the adapter. Unless the adapter you are buying comes with screws and nuts to secure it to the MAS, you will need to go to ACE, Lowes, Home Depot, etc. to get them. Other than that, there's not much to it. If you are leaving the MAS in the stock location, a regular 4" long filter is about all you can fit before hitting the wheelwell. I'm in the process of making a cold air intake for the N/A's that will relocate the MAS to the opening in front next to the passenger fog light (where the TT's have their intercoolers). The pipes will look like below, with a tighter bent coming off the throttle body. I can have the tubes made in about any color you want, just let me know. I'll make a post in the mods and general forum when it's complete.

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