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It's been a long road but I'm excited to share the journey with my 3si community :)

I made videos of the journey along the way:
  • Here is my recap video of the 2 year project. It's a bit long, but has good content:
  • Here is my first time driving the newly road-worthy 95 :)
Back Story
I stopped driving my 91 Stealth TT in 2012 (thought I spun a bearing, turned out to be a bad AC compressor bearing, not an engine bearing). As I moved between Detroit, Chicago, and back to Detroit, I trailered it to each of my new living locations, but didn't have a place I could really work on the car. In 2014 I bought a house with a nice garage to park my Stealth, but still wasn't sure what to do about my car that needed work. In the next year or two, I would learn that my spun bearing was not an engine bearing that I had dreaded, but instead the AC bearing (ha!). I would also learn that my car was too rusty to drive, work under, or sell with good conscience following 7 years of daily driving in the Midwest.

In 2018, I found out a friend of a friend had a Florida driven rolling chassis 95 Stealth TT that he wanted to get rid of. The car was super clean, had a sunroof, and was amongst the lightest of the Stealths made (no active suspension or exhaust, no rear steering, etc). I bought it, trailered it to my house, and began a project that I thought would be couple weeks and turned out to be a couple years.

List of what I swapped over to get the car running:
  • Engine
  • Transaxle
  • Transfer case
  • Front axles (not sure if they were different between 1g or 2g so just did the swap)
  • Oil cooler (2g had previously blown an engine, so wanted to avoid risk of metal fragments blowing my engine)
  • Needed to complete the conversion from 1g to 2g
    • AC compressor bracket (1g used r12 and 2g used less efficient r134a, so the pump is larger, and thus the bracket is larger)
    • Power Steering Pump (1g and 2g have different PS belts, so swapped the pump)
    • Front section of drive shaft (slightly different length between 1g and 2g)
    • Shifter cables
    • Rear diff (5 speed is different gear ratio than 6 speed)
    • CAS from 1g needed to be wired to Crank and Cam angle sensors in 2g harness
    • Coolant temp sensor plug in 1g didn't mate with 2g plug, so had to wire in the 1g wire harness plug
    • 1g rims don't fit 2g, so had to shave down the front calipers to get it to fit
  • Aftermarket parts
    • IPS TD05 Turbo Kit (had to get the rear mani re-welded for the 3rd time due to a crack at the collector)
    • FMIC and Intercooler piping
    • Walboro fuel pump and hot wire kit
    • Fuel pressure regulator needed to be rebuilt (diaphragm dried out and was spraying fuel upon first startup)
    • AEM EMS (Needed to rebuild my calibration starting with a 2g baseline calibration because the pins of the ECU wire harness are not all the same wires between the 1g and 2g. Only took an hour or two to get calibration swapped over manually)
    • Gauges and gauge pod
    • Custom exhaust (mine is a nightmare 1 piece from the downpipe to the tips, with flex section in the middle. Hard to maneuver as 1 person)
    • Ignition amplifier
    • Meth injection pump (likely not going to run it, but instead move to e85 next year if all goes well)
    • Radiator and slimline fan (stock radiator with larger stock fan didn't fit with my turbo kit)
    • Solid engine mounts
    • Lowering springs
    • Horn :)
  • Maintenance
    • Timing belt
    • Oil Pump
    • PS and accessory belts
    • Re-gasketed oil pan connection to block
    • re-welded rear exhaust mani
    • spark plugs
    • New fluids in transaxle, transfer case, engine, power steering system, brake system
    • New rear struts
    • New horn buttons on steering wheel
    • Simplified the wiring and vacuum tubing in the engine bay
This project was blood sweat and tears. I wasn't always certain I would finish, but I'm incredibly proud of the end result, humbled by the experience and excited to be able to share it with the community that has kept me in the game this long.

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Awesome! love td05's on 6g's

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Looks amazing man! I'm always surprised at the amount of effort and time you guys put into your vehicles for years and years down the road. The dedication and time to get the details right. Not loose stuff, and remember where everything goes. I take my throttle body and plenum off to do some seals and spark plugs and left it for a week waiting for parts.. lost a screw and a gasket. Still no idea where it went.

Great work, keep the updates coming as I'm sure you will have more stuff to share.

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Hell yea bro I just busted ass and finished my tune up which has taken me 3 weeks. Can’t imagine having my car down for so long I was about to go batshit crazy. Such an amazing feeling to have your 3k back. Enjoy very second if it
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