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Finally put on my C5s!!!

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These were just taken today and yes my car is dirty. I need to wash it. So these arent really good pictures. I just took them to file for insurance. Hopefully this weekend I'll put up better ones.

Heres the link:

Rears are 18x11 and fronts are 18x10 and the 11s actually dont stick out. I was very pleased. I wasnt going to put such big wheels on, but when you see a deal you grab it. So what do you all think?

94 SL
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Looks good. You need to get together with me and Kalla one day.
Slam that baby. As StreetRacer always says, "I can camp under those wheel wells". :D Sweet wheels though.

those are pretty damn sweet wheels, how much did u pay for um ? and where at ? i agree with fierce though u do either need to lower that beast or put some bigger tires on it, 2' of wheel well gap isnt very appealing. just givin ya a hard time :D i have pretty much the same car mines a black 94 3kgt base 5-speed w/intrax springs and kyb struts or shocks which ever u prefer to call them.
Thanks for the compliments guys!

Yeah thats definately next on my list (lowering it). I cant stand the wheel gap, but for now it will have to do.

Got'em from a guy in GA. He owns a speed shop. He had them on his supra and obviously didnt know their true widths (said they were 8.5 and 9.5). So when I found out the true widths I realized how good a deal I got for them....but they were still pricey...lets just say I could of bought over half a knight supercharger with the money I paid for them ;).

Akira- sounds good, we will have to do that
lets just say I could of bought over half a knight supercharger with the money I paid for them
Where in Huntsville are you ?
akira- Huntsville/Madison Sunlake Apartments
you want some springs man? i might be selling my eibachs ;)
HOLY... those r some wide rims... looks good~

yea.. lower it! :D u look like ur ready for some off roading...
Nice rims!! I like it:D
What's the size of the tires?

nice rims, the larger rear looks similar to mine only mine arent as big :( ( only 9.5). mine stick out about 1/2 an inch only cause i have spacers on now. they will be off soon. they look great, you and i both need to drop the cars abot 1 1/2 inches.
liutengc- the fronts are 255/35/18 and the rears are 275/35/18. I was kinda worried since the width of the tires were going to be about as wide as the actual wheel, but since it was a 35 series it doesnt seem to be a problem.

94 SL
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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