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Finally! I ran 12s, and Im a sucky

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I went to the track last night. I made 2 passes one was..

my first run i slipped it at like 3800(it down reved while I was watching the light.)

R/T .455 (oops)
60' 2.119 (God I suck)
330' 5.632
1/8 8.514
MPH 84.91
1000 11.018
1/4 13.149
MPH 102.49 (ewwww)

My second run I slipped a like 4000, it bogged on me :(

R/T .555
60' 2.030
330' 5.518
1/8 8.422
MPH 85.02
1000 10.893
1/4 12.975
MPH 108.56

I have exhaust intake and some free mods and that it. I am happy with it, I know I can do better. Thos 60's are horrible!
Thanks for reading ( the post is kinda small, but i gotta go :)
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Nice!:D Congratz on the nice run.....;) Better than I could do.
108 traps WOW :)

I wish my car was fast

Thanks for the praise guys.....
Thanks again!
Brandon, please tell us what year car you have and list the mods. Those are great times for your horrible 60's !!!!! My bet is that you have a 96.
I believe Brandon has a 1st gen if I remember correctly. I know it does great u-turns over grass medians on busy highways ;).
he he ...

"i wouldnt advise you bust a u turn on the AC expressway"
"too late I just did" :p

That was a fun trip home let me tell you!

matt92vr4, I have ATR exhaust and DP, a weapon R filter(special black dirt color edition :cool: ) all emisions stuff gone... um MBC (the free kind)set @ 14, it was set @ 15 but for some reason the car didnt like the high RPM band in 3rd gear at this boost, so i turned it down for my second run. I have a custom made heat sheild by me(its like 2 1/2 feet long total, to block my ram air from the heat also) as i just said i have a custom dryer hose ram air sysyem(alot of shit had to be moved to get it to fit, but well worth it on a cold nite)and a cut down shifter and thats it. if you have any more questions dont hesitate to e-mail me at [email protected]
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oh yea

its a 92 stealth
wow thats great! I gotta go to the track in somo cold weather to see what I can do!

EDIT--- wow, I just noticed that your 60 foot sucked! man, your car is fast!!!! Your looking at a 12.5 with good 60 foots :eek:
i hope so

12.5s would be great, I want to get like a 1.8 or a 1.7 60' sometime, but I dont want to practive launching because i dint have a performance clutch nad im afraid the practice will burn it. so thats why im so unexperienced at the track.
Hans91GT said:
I can take care of that clutch for ya ;).

Yeah, but it'll take ya a few months!:p

Congrats on the awesome times! Hopefully I can take the VR-4 to the track one last time before so I can take advantage of the cool weather.
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