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Finally got my seats back

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Here they are!! What do you guys think?? There headrests are getting Vr4 sewn on them tommorrow. Keep in mind it's dark, so the pics didn't turn out to purty.

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Your car looks sweet man, awesome. very nice.
Hey Pete,
Stop replying so fast. :D U over at Matt's house ??? :p
Nice.....very nice.....

I like the way they look;).

I see you have the aftermarket steering wheel too.So did you get rid of your cruise control system or is it still there but you just dont use it???

I'm in the prosses of getting the sparco steering wheel and i'm going to take my CC out since i cant use it anymore.
Looks awesome. Nice steering wheel too.

I'm gonna have to come and check these out in person soon.
Yeah, I lost the Cruise Control. But you can hook it up else where if you like. I think omnip_1 did that. Thanks guys
Looks awesome man, How much did it cost you to do that? Also, where did you get the hub adapter for your steering wheel? And also, what guages do you have on your a-pillar? Thanks man, good looking ride.
JEEPers said:
Hey Pete,
Stop replying so fast. :D U over at Matt's house ??? :p
LOL, no, he sent me the link to his seats when we were chatting, 'cause i wanted to see the pics. so i replied while I was here. Next time i'll pause and stare at the screen for 10 minutes, then reply, LOL.
stealthII said:
And also, what guages do you have on your a-pillar?
Looks like the common Autometer Sport Comp boost and A/F ratio meter w/black bezel.

I dig the seats, between that and embroidering the logo, you must be spendin a pretty penny.

If I had nearly the cash I'd do a red/black thing and go for R/T in the headrest, but I shudder to think what that would set me back.

I got my Hub adapter from Ultra Performance, check a turbo mag there usually is an ad in there. As for the A-pillar gauges, there Autometer Phantom Boost and A/F gauge. Thanks for the compliments guys, not I just need to build that stinking amp rack!!! :p
looks good.. how much for something like this??
I got my done locally, but shadetree online I believe will make the leather covers for around 850ish.

I think, this is probably one of the sweetest interiors,
that i have seen on this board.

Great job.

92 ES
missle, mcv: if you guys need help relocating your cruise control, email me. it's really easy.

shoot me an email on how to do it!! My email is [email protected] Do you have any pics of where you relocated yours??


Nice interior :cool:

Does your steering wheel allow you to have a horn ?

(From my old post)

>I took the clock spring, and cut the connectors TO the cruise control and the connector FROM the clock spring TO the car (not the red one).

>Wiring: Black goes to black and blue goes to blue. Extended the harness a bit with wire and reconnected it with crimps. I mounted the cruise control under the driver's vent on the knee guage and connnected the new harness back into it's connector behind the wheel. Presto - cruise control and no need for the clock spring.
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