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Finally figured it out

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After many months wondering why I had a clunking sound in the rear of my AWD turbo when I really put the power to the road, I found the problem today.
I marked the propeller (drive) shaft in a straight line with a paint marker. Then I went for a hard drive during which I "slipped" the drive a few times. I then took the car to a garage and put it on the hoist.
Sure enough, the rear section had spun where the two tube sizes meet. We then observed this by putting the parking brake on, then trying to drive the wheels in first gear.
The torque squatted the rear suspension until the familiar "crunch" sound.
Has anyone ever had this problem and how did you correct it? My first thought is to take the whole shaft to a driveline shop and have it repaired. They'd probably cut out the damaged bit and weld in some new stuff. I'm not prepared to replace it unless the repair estimate is astronomical. The carbon fibre shafts sound interesting but pricey.
Any ideas welcome.
thanks, Dannyboy
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any ideas?
Does it sound like....

....wheel hop? When you "get on it" and it slips, is the sound repetitive, somewhere around 5-6 clunks per second?

If so, I would love more info myself. I haven't marked the driveline to be sure, but I've just chalked it up to wheel hop on hard launches....

However, if I launch slowly and then get on it, at around 5000RPM in 1st up to 7000RPM under WOT it happens... so I'm thinking it may not be wheel hop.

sounds similar

It does seem like the same thing I am experiencing (Post: "Rear end thunk"). Mine may be a worse because I can hear/feel it between any gears when upshifting, even without popping the clutch or really opening it up.
Sorry I don't have any info right now, but you've given me something to explore. I'll watch this thread to see if anyone else has advice.
Sounds like the same thing

My noise started on a particularly hard launch, I heard a single clunk, and then the car had a vibration which wasn't there before.
After some time, the clunk was easier to achieve and it seemed I had lost some power on take-off. The single clunk turned into multiples when I would really get on it, sort of like ka,ka,ka,ka....then it would hook up and I wouldnt hear it again.
funny, the vibes would be high, then sometimes they would be un-noticeable.
It stands to reason as I think about it now. The only time there would be a lot of torque through the shaft is when the front end is trying to accelerate the rear. When the shaft slips, the u-joints get out of phase. This is what is causing the vibration.
I have rebuilt the rear differential, replaced all wheel bearings, and installed a new clutch trying to remedy this. The driveline shop says they can't do anything about it, which sucks.
Mark your shaft all the way and make it happen. then get it up where you can check your marks. If the line is spun, there is your problem.
Good luck.
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