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Pick up or short delivery(less than an hour) only. nashville tn

I do have both the 99 fog lights, the other one was in the backpack when I was taking pics

Unfortunately it is pick up only in the Nashville tn area. Not willing to part out the set. I have these on Craigslist but 3si won’t allow me to link. Currently I have the headlights taken apart for cleaning and replacing some screws that have rusted. There is also a small imperfection on one of the headlights almost like a tiny crack or scratch between the 2 clear circles, I did not notice this when they were dirty. I will lower the price to 1000 .if anyone on this board would like my parts. I would much prefer to keep the front license plate holder, as I am planning on moving to Virginia in a years time, but if you must have it, it can go with the set. All profit will go to repainting my 95.

please look for 3000gt on Craigslist Nashville auto parts for more info and my phone number. Same pics used

can call or text number in ad listed if interested

maximal solid engine mounts. I only used for a couple weeks and took off. $100 that’s half price. Will be willing to ship for like an extra $20. I don’t think I have a paypal though, so if you are interested we can figure it out.

sohc throttle body, $25 plus $10 shipped I thought it was going to be the same as Dohc but it’s a little different and probably not going to use For anything. The car it came off of was a junkyard car with 136000ish miles


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