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FHP (Florida Highway Patrol) btw...

Anway... onto the story...

So im leaving for school today, a bit late, so i briskly move along out of my development. When i reached the end of the main road and meet the intersection, (441), im greeted with lots of traffic, yay...

So as im waiting patiently for a break in the traffic, a volvo pull up behind me. Apparently the volvo though <b>I</b> was being a nusense since i apparently cant go through oncoming traffic.
After flashing her lights and a brisk honk, apparently "super volvo" thought she could go through the traffic that i apparently couldnt.

So the volvo throws it in reverse, drives off the road and pulls in front of me, apparently to do her super volvo manuver.

Well apperantly she paid more attention to how i wasnt moving that to the traffic that was moving, and pulled right out in front of me, blocking a lane of traffic, and almost hitting a ford explorer that was trying to turn off of 441 onto our main road.

Volvo dumb manuver #1

After traffic breaks, the volvo merges into traffic, along with me (just enough room ;) ). Now, because of the super volvo manuver, i am a bit later than before, but would still get to class in a reasonable amount of time.

As im heading towards the turn pike, guess who's goin my way? the volvo.

The entire way to the turnpike, she drops back, accelorates, cuts traffic off, cuts me off, and is just basically driving like a frantic business woman with a car she shouldn't own... (wow... go figure.. it was one.. ;) )

To my surprise, just as im about to turn to get onto the turnpike, guess who cuts me off yet again? the volvo.

Could she be going the same way as me? damn straight...

We both merge onto the south bound section of the turn pike, and all seems cool. I didnt have time to play with the psycho volvo, so i made sure to make it disapear real fast.

Hit 100 mph and shut down (just wanted enough distance between me and her). I dont normally like to speed, so coming down from 100 i leveled off at 75 mph (speed limit being 70).

And guess who shows up and gets agrivated by this? The volvo.
By this time, i was sick of this damn volvo. She had to have being going 80-85 mph and decided to ride my tail over the hill (right after the lake worth t-pike) halfway up the hill, she decides to switch into the other lane and pass my ass, since i was inconveniencing her so. Just as we peak the hill, i look strait ahead to see something i never want to see again.

5 FHPs doing a big traffic bust. People are gettin pulled over left and right. I instinctivly knew that no matter what, when FHP was out, there was always one at the end of the hill, so i dropped down to 4th and applied some break to slow myself down.

Apparently, mrs volvo was too busy being pissed at me to see the FHP parked on the side of the pike with his gun aimed right at her.

Now, this was the scarry part, just as i think i slowed enough, the cop's lights turn on.


Who was he going for? the stupid volvo or the nice red sportscar. ;)

The cop merges into the lane next to me, (at the time i was doing about 60), glances over at me, then decieds to persue the volvo.


Gotta love Karma, comes and bites ya in the ass when you deserve it.

And after all that, i got to school on time, and with no ticket..

I dont think this was a war story... just a funny display of stupidity.

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Great story,
I hate the damn soccor moms that drive like that- I see em do that eveyday.
Pullout in front, turn in front of you cut you off and on top of just plain haul ass wherever they go.
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