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Few Pics from 2001 Corvette Expo

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My dad always sets up at the Corvette Expo which is held about 45 minutes away. I decided to head down and snap a few pics. He got me a sticker to get my car in the "For Sale" lot which was all Domestic. My car looked like something out of those puzzles that you did back in elementary school about "What in this picture does not belong".:)

Here are the pics:
Dad's Very Clean El Camino

Tricked out C5 with Carbon Fiber everywhere.

C5's Engine Bay

Experimental Z06

Supercharged Mustang pulled a best of 513 H.P. to the wheels
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Nice looking Vette's and I love your yellow VR4!!! Looks like you baby it...:p ;) Let me know if you want to sell it...:D
hehheeh..backward hood...
Jspec said:
hehheeh..backward hood...
sheet bra.. dat what wrong wid me.. i grew up in a backword hood.. dayam.
Thanks Corwin. The fact that car has no door dings or dents makes it a pain in the ass. You want to keep it perfect, but it is very hard to do. I will keep you in mind, but I will be holding on to the VR-4 for a while unless something unexpected happens.;)
Jspec said:
haha, your funny rob :)
The weird thing is, I really don't remember writing that post. I was REALLY sleepy.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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