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If your 3000gt or Stealth was like mine and didn't come with the Factory Keyless Entry System 1991-1993 and you want to install a OEM Factory Keyless Entry System, then this guide is for you!

Things you need-

Factory Keyless Control System-I used one from a 1995 3000gt SL from a Junkyard. You also need the 20pin Connector harness with it. The more wire the can always get more wire from the parts store.- See picture

Door Lock Relay 2-This will be attached to the Keyless Control Unit- You will also need the Connector harness with this! Note 2 wires are connected to the Factory Keyless Entry Harness- You will need about 1ft of the harness. See picture

You also need a OEM Key Fob Remote that matches the Keyless Entry Control Module Receiver-See link for part number

My Keyless Entry Control Model Receiver Part number was MB920442 and both the 2 button and 3 button Remotes work with that Receiver makes sure the Remote has the correct FCC ID in my case it was E4EG8DA

2 button Remote G8D-281M-A
3 button Remote G8D-282M-A (Note the Trunk Button will not work) Lock and unlock button work

Let's get started!!

Factory Keyless Entry Control Wiring colors

Red/Black stripe-Connect to 12V Constant-I'm using Fuse #9
Red/Green stripe-Not needed
Red/Green stripe-Not Needed
Black(Solid)-Ground to bolt for Keyless Entry location..or any ground location.
Black/Blue stripe-Connect to 12V Constant-I'm using Fuse #9
Brown/White stripe-POWER LOCK-Tap into Brown/White at Door lock Relay 1
Brown/Blue stripe-POWER UNLOCK-Tap into Brown/Blue at Door lock Relay 1
Brown/Yellow stripe-Not Needed*
Blue/Black stripe-Not needed
Blue/Yellow stripe-Not needed
Yellow/Black stripe-Connects with Door Lock Relay 2 wiring

Door Lock Relay 2 Wiring Colors

Red/Black stripe-12V Constant-I'm using Fuse #9 under dash
Red/Black stripe-12V Constant-I'm using Fuse #9 under dash
Yellow/Black stripe-Connects to Keyless Entry main harness
Black-Ground-Connects to Keyless Entry main harness
Brown/White stripe-Not needed-
Blue/Red stripe-Not Needed
Blue/Black stripe-Not needed


You will need to remove the Quarter Trim Panel(Driver's side) This is where the Factory Keyless Entry control Unit is mounted on vehicles with Keyless Entry. If you need help on removing it here is a helpful link
Stealth 316 - Quarter Trim Replacement

Wires that need power- You can tie them together and run it to a 12V constant source-I used Fuse #9

Keyless Harness-
Red/Black stripe-Connect to 12V Constant
Black/Blue stripe-Connect to 12V Constant
Door Lock Relay 2
Red/Black stripe-12V Constant-
Red/Black stripe-12V Constant-

You can tie All 4 wires together and run them to 12V- In the pictures I'm using my Jump starter for testing purposes- See picture-

Next you need take the Brown/White stripe and Brown/Blue stripe wires from the main harness and tap or soldier them to the same color wires at the Door lock relay 1 behind the Fuse Box(Getting this off is pretty difficult but can be done) If you need help getting to this Door lock Relay 1 box look at this link

See picture-

Last and Final step

Take the Yellow/Black stripe wire from the Door Relay 2 and cut it and connect it to the Brown/Blue stripe wire on the main keyless harness using a jumper wire..In this Case I used the Brown/Yellow wire that is not needed and cut a few inches of wire to tap it into the Brown/Blue stripe.
I used a needle to probe the wire for testing purposes....

See picture-


Pretty easy to hook up and get going. To sum everything up and make it easy.

You are just running 4 wires to 12V constant power.
1 wire to Ground
Connect the 2 wires(Brown/Blue and Brown/White) to Door Relay 1
Use a wire to connect/tap into the Yellow/Black and Brown/Blue.

How it works-When you hit the Lock button(On the key fob) the Factory Keyless grounds the Brown/White(lock) wire to lock the door.

When you hit the Unlock-The Factory Keyless sends a ground signal(using the Door relay 2) to the Yellow/Black wire...and since we use a jumper wire to connect the Brown/Blue wire with the Yellow/Black it sends the ground to the Brown/Blue(unlock)

Everything works as normal...When you hit the Lock button the Green Security light(Thief alarm) activates..When you hit the Unlock button the Security light detectives so the alarm doesn't go off when you open the door.

I spent a lot of time looking at Wiring Diagrams trying to get this conversion to work. Most the time was testing.

I hope this How to guide helps the 3000gt Stealth Community!
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