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Wanted to take a poll of who had what exhausts and how they liked it? I was thinking about getting either the HKS Superdragger or the AAM Exhaust. Any opinios would be appreciated.

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I like AAMs, or ones with the Apexi Mufflers. They sound awesome
it rules and it is very affordible. Man, this topic has just about been killed.
the HKS isn't stainless steel, so it'll rust!! i'd get the AAM after seeing their work in person. it is amazing and the apex'i N1s look great.
I may seem biased, But I love my Apexi N1 exhaust. It sounds awesome!!!!:D :D :D And it adds a mean look to my Vr4!!!!:D :D :D

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Thanks, is the AAM system all stainless steel? mcvicker is that a AAM setup or a custom one? If so how much did it cost and whats it made out of?

aam's exhausts are damn nice

turbo exhausts are usually 3.5" all the way back to dual n1 mufflers, all stainless of course.

best picture i have of the whole exhaust under a car


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Got HKS on the Spyder it makes a great exhaust note.
Mine's a custom setup. One of my buddies back home worked at an exhaust shop, he cut me a deal on it. Mine is 3 inch stainless steel from the cat back, with a test pipe. I spent 400 on the N1's and he only charged me 125 for the rest of it. Not to shabby and it sounds awesome!!!!!:D :D :D Can't wait till I get a stillen dp!!!!
I like the ATR system that matt92vr4 has sounds bad ass...
I like the borla after a lot of searching i decided to go with that.. the aam spec is sweet also..
Hey vicker, LUUV the Apexi setup.

BTW have you taken those DAMN STICKERS OFF YET???!!!
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LOL!!!!! Yeah those stickers are gone!!!! I'm gonna post some new pics once I get the new wheels on later this week!!!;) ;)
I have the HKS super Drager and I love it! Huge pipe - turbos spool fast. The muffler shop instaled it with straight pipe from the front and put the active exhaust control in. I didn't ask for this but on the freeway at rpms that are annoying I can cut it back and quiet it a little!
mcvicker, I have no idea why you want to sell that beast. Your car is awesome! Those wheels and your exhaust are the shitz!
I'm scrapping my HKS catback for a custom large single with a single N1....HKS looks brand new however...
Trust me man, If I didn't have to sell it I wouldn't. Just in my current situation it is my only alternative. I just can't justify driving it 400 miles every week. I need a work beater!! So I'm on the look out for one now.
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