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Exhaust for my baby!! need help

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Hey everyone. I just got my new baby last week on Tuesday(Stealth r/t). I was just wondering what everyone has for exhaust on there car. Actually I want to get an exhaust system that has a loud deep tone that sounds like on the Fast and the Furious. Now what I'm afraid of it is getting it to sound like a Camaroe with that bubbly American sound. I'm goin for the low deep import. So if you have any tips for a nice exhaust system please help me out. I hear the Apexi N1 is nice. I also want dual exuast with probably 3in tips. So if you have any good suggestions with sites I could look at or definately prices just tell me what you have. Thanks a lot.
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do a search..the question is too general. exhaust setup can range you from $100 to $800...

yes, i personally like APEX'i n1 also. but after looking around i decided on xtec.

just keep in mind, your exhaust will sound louder than turbo car so if certain member tell you that this and this exhaust is too quiet or this and this exhaust sounds nice, keep that in will vary on different car.
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At the Colorado 3/S meet last June, I found a member who had the ATR Catback Setup. Sounded very nice to me, low and deep as you said, and without that "bumblebee clusterfuck" (pardon my language, it was just the best way to describe it) sound you get with quite a few exhaust setups for imports. Didn't have the "bubbly" sound either.
Also, it ends in 3" tips :D That's looking like the way I"m going. Either that or I'll hit Ken's muffler shop (the local guy) and his custom 3" turbo to tip exhaust he makes for DSMs.
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