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I saw one on EBay the other day. That's in Indiana so i thought they already got it. That's why I wrote a mail to Ralliart (UK). This is the mail from them..Thank you for your enquiry for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution model.

this is the letter:

We apologise for the delay in our response but we only now have information
that may be of assistance to you.

The Evolution model range has never been approved for US sales due to the
difficulties in complying with US DOT and EPA requirements.

We have now been informed that a US company Xtreme Autos Inc. have submitted
an Evolution VII model for crash testing, emissions compliance and all of
the other modifications that are required to allow US importation and road

Xtreme Autos Inc. will be going live with their web site on the 1st December
with the first cars being available around April, 2002.

For more information please check out the web site on the
1st December.

I hope this information helps you to obtain one of the fabulous rally bred
high performance cars.


Ralliart UK

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Evolution Imports has been claiming the same thing for quite a while now. Lots of people talk.....very few ACT.

When someone can actually walk into a showroom and get a picture of a retail window sticker, THEN I'll be impressed.
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