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ES with VR4 exhaust ?

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Just wondering what needs to be done to an ES to put on a VR4 exhaust....i know the rear bumper needs to be trim'd...but anything underbody stuff ?

Thanx in Advance

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You'll just need to get the exhaust hangers for the passenger side..
good...b/c i had some guy at a shop tell me it couldn't be done w/o alot of modifications.....moron.....and are those easy to make or cheap to buy ?

silverbullet: how do you like your new exhaust setup? I've been really considering getting a dual exhaust like the one you have. Is it louder? did it change performance at all? thanks.

I friend of mine put a vr4 exhaust on his es. I think it sounds and looks A LOT better than stock. He said it was very easy, everything bolted right up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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