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I'm getting married this year in November. On the 24th to be exact and I'm trying to sort out my transportation. The bride and bridesmaids will be arriving in a Kombi which I'm on the hunt for but for myself, the bestman, groomsman and the Paige boy, I need something that is representative of myself. I'm contemplating having a few GTO's and also some V-Rods plus my best man's Beach buggy for the Paige Boy.
I just want to put out an EOI to anybody out there still frequenting this forum who would be interested in helping out a fellow member on his big day.
Offcourse I would be happy to pay.
I probably will only need one or 2 cars to actually participate and transport people, but happy to have a convoy for the day also.

Again I haven't actually made a decision on what exactly I will do but this is a high possibility.

It's going to be a drive from Mount Pritchard to Maroubra so it will be a decent drive also.

Let me know what you guys can do and also share photos of your cars :).
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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