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If you know someone who wants a nice car to start out with, or you're 16 and want a quick sports car to learn on, this would be for you.

IMMACULATELY cared for. This car is my baby. Always waxed and cleaned extremely well. High mileage, I picked it up at 141,030 miles. It now has 157,000 or so in the 2 1/2 years I've had it. Still runs GREAT. Has some mods, can be sold with or without them:

Eibach springs, underdrive pulley, K&N filter, Aiwa CD player, Sony 3 way door speakers, borla turbo exhaust (LOUD), test pipe, '94 VR4 chromies in VERY GOOD condition w/brand new Bridgestone tires (255/40/17), and some other minor stuff.

Anyways, it gets 27mpg on the highway cruising at 80 - 85mph. Will get 23 or so on country backroads.

slight grind from 1 - 2 shift when cold. it hasn't happened to me this time that I've been home, tho.
TINY dings on the doors and rear half paint isn't perfect.
leather seats aren't perfect. hard leather. no big deal, tho, still really comfortable.

I don't think anything else is wrong with the car that would prohibit you from driving it. This car will last a long time with the right care. It's being stored indoors while I'm away at school.

it gets SOOOO many looks when you're driving it. EVERYONE looks when they go by, no joke. 90% of passers by look at it when sitting at a stoplight.

Please <a href="mailto:[email protected]">email me</a> with your offer.
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