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Guys !
Anybody has instruction for engine removing??
C'mon sombody did it before?!
Thanx Lajos

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Factory service manual

The factory service manual will tell you exactly how to do it. You can buy a CD and print off all of the relevant pages.

A few tips:

1. You can remove and install the engine with the transmission attached.

2. You don't have to remove the lower ball joints. You can unbolt the lower control arms to pull the drive shafts out of the transmissions. You don't need the special mitusbishi tool to unhook the tie rod ends, just use a pickle fork.

3. Pull the radiator before pulling aftercooler piping, and isntall the radiator after the aftecooler piping has been reinstalled. There are some fasteners on the front of the engine to the intercooler piping that are very hard to get at with radiator installed.

4. Replace your clutch and replace (or turn) your flywheel while the engine is out.

5. Soak the exhaust bolts and turbo mounting bolts in liquid wrench overnight or you might snap them off.

See my webpage for other things you should replace, upgrade or polish while the engine is out.
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