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Electrical Problem PLEASE HELP!

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I need help with my 94' Stealth. I did the jumper mod so that my fogs with stay on the brights. It worked fine for 2 weeks, but now have a major problem. I took the jumper out and still have the problem. The fogs no longer turn on, and the headlights will not turn off ever. I have to pull the "lamps" fuse from under the hood everytime to turn the headlights off, and plug it in to turn them on. I put the hron relay in place of the headlight relay and that didn't solve the problem ,so I don't think it is the relay. When there is no relay in the headlights they still stay on. I was hoping that someone near Milwaukee, Wisconsin could help a fellwo 3si member out. I was hoping that someone worked at a garage that could test stuff (for free would be nice) and find out what is wrong with my car. Any help wouldbe greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Matt
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wow, thats pretty messed up. i wish i could help you out. i had a similar thing happen to me with my pulsar, the brake lights stayed on constantly, i had to leave the battery disconnected. it ended up being the little switch under the brake pedal that turns on the lights, it was stuck in the "on" position.
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